Last Update: May 01, 2017

For someone who knows very little about creating on the internet this should be interesting! I can search on it all day long no problem!

How many of you were in the same boat when you started, & did you get the hang of it quickly?

Any words of wisdom ?

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stepgreen29 Premium
Yes this was my story too! I felt so overwhelm at first. It was a lot of information to soak in at first. However after two weeks the information overload slowly wore off. Don't try to get it all done in 24 hours like me. lol. My advice would be to take the trainings step by step and don't skip around. You will learn the information as you continue to work on your website and start writing your content!
Content Content Content :)
sstewart29 Premium
Good! Great advice. The training is super easy- broken down for beginners, which is very reassuring. Thank you for your input!
seelady Premium
I was in the same boat and now I have three websites. The training is really, really good. :)