Death of Affiliate marketer and Birth of a Father - Read on

Last Update: August 28, 2015

Internet marketing is talked about as a means of great lifestyle. Few achieve this and hence we believe that this can be achieved. Lot of us keep trying to have right combinational lock. As long as we are reflecting on the successes and failures, it is perfect to keep trying. Of course trail costs do not eat on our lunches :-)

The point I have realised is, the external success what we have today is a direct reflection of the internal state of us. in some cases this may sound harsh but that is the reality.

Let me explain. The other day I was having a chat with a gentle man and he stared, AdSense does not work, PPC is a farce.... It is not uncommon to meet these caricatures often. It occurred to me so strongly that I should say, please get out of your own way.

If the system is not giving result, then it is we that we need to change. We see others are success there, that means it is a huge motivation for us to follow the success steps.

Affiliate marketing is about driving traffic,let us understand this and conquer this. That is not the end of our career as an affiliate, We need to die here. ( MENTALLY)

I will try some other time to give a big picture I recently understood how this industry works. We need to have multiple pieces together - Traffic, leads at one level - Audience, engagement, content and launches at other level.

Now Affiliate marketing when done with all these components kept in mind is a great thing indeed. Kyle did a great job there in laying down the success path. If you are making money here, ask these questions.

1. Why I am able to convert from the traffic I am driving?

2. Which product owners are treating my audience as good as I treat in my pre-sell?

3. How can I have their list to become my repeat customers?

4. What pain points of them I can solve?

5. What is my strategy to convert others leads to my loyal customers? What is my offer?

Big Qs is - What is stopping me to dream big after I have success here? How can the success here pay for greater success? How can I transition my self from an affiliate to recruiting many affiliates?

To do this, we need to die and take a re-birth from my mindset perspective. Good news is you will be able to connect the dots by learning this affiliate stuff and you know how to take care of them, from other side of the fence.

Nothing is a waste when learnt with heart and brain. Keep helping people to succeed.

I believe in your success.

~Sridhar Rayasam

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Hippychick Premium
Hi Sridhar. I totaly agree with you. Many people blame anything and everything on why they are not happy or successfull. The government, the weather, their neighbour for goodness sake. People revel in the "woe is me" mindset. they constantly say "I can't, because..."

They are just looking for excuses because subconsciously they don't want to make the effort it takes to change. You are right WE have to change in order for our lives to. In April last year I gave up my job to persue my own self development. Long story short, I quite literaly lost my mind and found a brand new exciting one that is going to take me anywhere I want to go.
Thanks for sharing this :)
LLiu Premium
Great post! I liked this... attitude is every thing I feel.
Pisquali Premium
Attitude is everything. If you;re not on your own side then who is?
kimuri Premium
Very nice post
mlight56 Premium
Well said ... nice post ... believe and you will achieve ... cheers ... Michel