Brute force attacks - how do you avoid

Last Update: December 11, 2015

Dear Marketers -

How do you protect from brute force attacks by robots?

I have a security plugin which says one of my WA site at wp-login is getting into brute force attack.

I know WA is secure I need not worry. Having known that I get these messages I want to learn more on this so that I can take actions:

I learnt that:

1. I can change user name from ‘admin’ to some thing else - this is a risk mitigation !

2. I can move my login directory to a secret folder so that bots don’t find it.

I tried them at WA, but pluggings are not working. It is easier done when I have access to C-panel, which we don’t at WA.

That said, I have choices:

Trust WA security and know that bots are AFTER You, Ignore.


DO something...

What would you do?

~Sridhar Rayasam

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mrwalt01 Premium
I trust that WA has a handle on this, but as your business grows you may want to look at moving your site onto your own server to have total control. This will come in time when you have the experience and are ready to assume this responsibility, but it is something that you may want to consider.
SusanAL Premium
I trust WA security, too, like krazykat. Nice not to have to worry. =)
krazykat Premium
It is my understanding that WA offers superior security to most other places or things you could I opt for, "Trust WA security and know that bots are AFTER You, Ignore." :-)
bronco549 Premium
Sorry, I miss the meaning of this. Too tired I guess.
SridharRay Premium
:-) Take rest now. I am in INDIA and just woke up :-)
This is a technical question and you may choose to ignore, if not inclined.