WA is Time Traveler Approved! Looking Great in 2048

Last Update: October 06, 2017

Wrapping Up a Work Day With a Time Traveler

So maybe you've heard.. it's been all over the news. Bryant Johnson of Wyoming was arrested for public intox and told the police of how he came from 2048 to help humanity! Alcohol was infused into his body in order for the travel to work. This has landed him the subject of viral news and many contacting him for an interview. He decided to come TO ME, to setup and handle his marketing, social media presences, as well as booking. This is a huge chance for me and I can't wait to utilize all the things I've learned to make this explode even further. I would love feedback and input from anyone and everyone as this is a major oppurtunity and I'm superstoked to be at the helm.

Viral Headlines

I'm talking this story is all over the world. It went viral from HuffPost to DailyMail. If you haven't heard you'll easily find information by searching Google. He is now established at a site I've set up through Wealthy Affiliate https://Booger2048.com where I've already set him up with the privacy policy, blog space, and an Exclusive Interview!

Building the Future - Time Traveler Approved

I've already helped him establish a social media presence for people to easier connect with him. Using this platform he now has an official website as well as several emails to cover booking and essentials. We even used wordpress to upload the exclusive interview onto the website. Moving forward I will be setting up a mailing list signup, as well as several funnels for exclusive membership signup offers and deals you will only be able to find at booger2048.com

I'll be doing all this with much of the knowledge I've gained from other helpful entrepreneurs within the community. Again, this is huge for me, so if you have any suggestions I'm all ears. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the website and the interview. This was all thrown together in a matter of hours and I'm pretty proud of what we accomplished in such a short time span! He is an amazing guy to work with and I hope you all enjoyed reading about my new adventure! Calling it a night.



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kdecree5 Premium
This is a great story. The best part you were able to handle him through WA with the knowledge you gained. Good for you, Kathy
romeo4831 Premium
Wow congratulations Pal. Funny fact is that I am a believer in the Extraterrestrial Paranormal. I am heading to the website as of now. Thanks
SRHSoulja Premium
Thank You Kindly!
Let me know what you think! Can't wait to implement the mailing list and tons of awesome stuff.