It's a Long Hard Way to the Top

Last Update: September 25, 2017

and I think I just reached the stairs. Surely an escalator or even an elevator would be great. What's even better? An amazing community to walk with you up those steps.

I'm just wrapping up Course 2 training. I've made a working site at which will contain the fruits of my wrestling passion, as well as the honor of being my first niche with the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate. I'm here to share a little bit about my experience and progress so far.

WordPress Can be a Doozy

Becoming familiar with WordPress isn't the easiest thing in the world. I found many themes just didn't complement my page to my liking. After hours of work machining the building blocks to what would ultimately become Pro Wrestling Pulse, I've finally produced something of worth and value. I've put in a considerably fair share of money and a large sum of hard work to get to this point. What I can now load-up on any browser may yet to provide a flow of income, but when I pull it up, I see value in the content of my labor. My site has already gained in worth to myself, and will be a corner stone of things to come.

I'm still unsure about the way a lot of things work in WordPress, and I'm learning everyday. I don't know how to make the blogroll separate and not all run together without using a theme to do so. I"m not sure how to display the authorship of a post either without the theme doing so. I can't find a way to put my banner and logo into the page yet in a manner that suits my tastes.(I've been working with resizing and the like)

Even with the issues I've had with WordPress I've found several themes that seem to format my content in acceptable manner. Still looking for THE ONE though. Overall I'm happy with my site's representation, but I am a perfectionist and I want it to look its best.


When I started out, ProWrestlingPulse wasn't even the official name. My initial site has already undergone a name change, as well as a change of domain. Quite the task. Upon transferring your domain, you then have to manage your email and content within to be up to date with your domain. My privacy policy and about me were updated to the new site, and I perused many themes to find one that would work with my niche. (I'm still not 100% sure if I will keep the one I have now)

Having made a few sites quite some time ago, I hopped over to Google(Ahead of schedule I know) to mess with my indexing and such. I realized fully then, as I'm not a technical genius, that our sites do not use the www. prefix, and didn't fully realize that until I had put www.MySite into Google, as that was what I was accustomed to. It seems my site had indexed fine, but I was greeted with the redirect notice as well. (Should I change my authority to not include the www. ?)

Back.. To the Future

Anyways, in the next 3 months I hope to have a site in place that will make me even more proud than I am of the one today. I also want to work more with my website, which I hope to make the main hub of my ventures and ultimately be my WA Affiliate site as well. (It feels good to look at your hard work) I will be adding ways to monetize it as well as keep it fresh and attractive to my audience. Hopefully by then I will be at least 98% sure of the Theme I am working with.

Within 6 months I hope to see a basis of traffic and a nice and gradual flow of money that will only build from that point on. After that I can lend more time to my other niches and work more on my hub project.

The success is in the work, and the fruit of that work will show if you maintain dedication and the ability to learn. You won't always get it right the first time. It took me a ton of experimentation with plugins, knowing what to do with my page/posts and how to differentiate them, as well as finding suitable layout. When it all clicks though, you wind up with something you can be proud of and then continue to nurture. The help I've received from the WA community has made it a rewarding experience.

So what have I learned that I personally find super important for long-term success?

Quality Content and Keywords

Treat your niche right, and it will treat you right. You get what you put in. You have to approach your niche with authority and your words have to stand behind your belief. Content should be engaging and thoughtful, not dull or repetitive. Study your Key Words and use ones that work well with your niche. Don't go too far off into unknown waters, and don't build yourself too broad. You want to engage your audience and keep your content diverse, yet relative.

Build your CONTACTS!

Networking is the power behind the work. We have quite the awesome network with WA and so many resources at our finger tips. As we add people to our Following list, both here, Google+, and beyond, we continue to expand upon our Personal Network. We can share comments and feedback to help each-other grow their websites, be it feedback on the actual structuring, or assisting by leaving an engaging comment on a niche post. We are interacting with one another in ways that benefit mutually and independently, and that is basically how any proven system stays healthy and grows.

Start a Trend

Your contacts are a great start to having a source of feedback and comments for your site. Having comments on your posts is important. When other people participate, it spreads. I know this from working at a Tipped job. When someone in line tipped a $5 bill for instance, the person behind them was more likely to notice this and follow suit. It builds a trend, and you want to keep that trend going.

Share the Love

Don't just take in all the feedback and comments, give some yourself. It's the best way to grow as a you don't want to be that person who constantly takes freebies all their life. You have to put in effort, and in turn, people see that effort. People are more likely to want to help those who are outwardly helpful themselves. Don't be selfish. Being selfish stunts your overall growth. You know that saying, 2 Heads are better than 1? Apply that here!

In conclusion, I still have a long ways to travel, but I hope this can be of help and inspiration for those who are making their journey here at WA. Also, if you have any answers to my questions above, please feel free to answer. Feedback, comments, and sharing are always welcome with me. It can be easy to get wrapped up in your own world, so please, lets take part in each-others.

All my best wishes and thanks,


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Ptrep27 Premium
Take your time and enjoy. Love the fact that you are following your passion.

I clicked on a product to see the link, you can make it "cleaner' if I may say. I found this training very useful Enjoy the journey Bae Bae, lol.

Take care
Pierre ( From the land of Kyle O'Reilly )
SRHSoulja Premium
What product? What site?
SRHSoulja Premium
My main focus right now is
Ptrep27 Premium
I was looking at your wrestling site
SRHSoulja Premium
Ah, I'm pretty sure I know exactly what you're talking about with that. Mainly trying to make the best of an unwilling theme at that point and never could get the carousel to cooperate. Then other things came up and that has been the last thing on my mind. I'm sure I'll come back to it at some point, but I've been far more focused currently on my High Profile client I picked up.
Appreciate the feedback. If you have any on the website I would love to hear it!!