First blog - what I've been doing so far

Last Update: February 05, 2016

Never wrote a blog before so here gentle!

I've been here at WA for about a week now. The first thing I did was go through the first 10 lessons and followed Kyle's far so good!

I knew what my niche was going to be from the start because it's the business I'm in and it's something I know extremely well ( bottled water/water filtration/any and all things water).

Within a few days I had my website up and running with a few pages but, of course, no traffic at this point but that's OK...I'm not ready for it. It's here if you want to get a look.

Since, I've been concentrating on adding content to the site. I just drew out an outline of how I want it to look. Things like 'what do I want at the top' and 'I want this page to segue into this next page' type of thing. I should have done this from the start since now I'm going to have to figure out how to re-arrange things but that's OK all is pretty easy with Wordpress. Plus there are so many people here willing to help that I have no worries about getting it done the way I want it. I don't like the calendar but I was checking out the widgets and just wanted to play around with them a bit.

I think I'm going to watch the lessons again just to make sure there isn't anything I've missed....maybe take some notes.

Anyway, that's where I am at the moment although I do have a ton of notes, keywords, and design plans to work out.

Cheers everyone!


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fawlty Premium
we are definitely in the same boat !! haha
MINDwell Premium
sort out how capitalisation will work 4 u and use consistently
great start actually
speedicut Premium
Thanks MINDwell...I don't recall that in the first set of lessons but I plan on going through them again.
stephhill Premium
Hi David! I like your idea of doing an outline. It is like doing a blueprint for your website. Very cool!
speedicut Premium
Thanks stephhill. I think it's going to get me organized the way I want..