Looking for Warmth

Last Update: February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Today we are sharing Valentine's Day with a little creature who is looking to stay warm. In our part of Canada we went down to -40C (-40F) last night, this morning is no better. This little fellow ran into the house last evening when I was bringing the dog in. Needless to say the cats are having the time of their lives chasing him around, at least he's in the house and keeping warm. He's just a little baby squirrel so it took some effort for him to find a hiding spot, but he eventually did, so he's safe from the cats.

This morning he enjoyed a hearty breakfast of peanuts and an apple wedge. With a full tummy he is now taking a nap in his hiding place.

Tomorrow they are forecasting a very reasonable -5C so we will be sending him on his way, I'm hoping the mother is not too far so that they can reunite.

He's so adorable I would love to tame him and add him to the family, but I know the best thing is to send him back to his natural habitat. I'm happy we get to enjoy his company for a few days.

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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LesleyHamlin Premium
That is so sweet. Sometimes it's just the little things that people do that makes us warm inside our hearts.
KatieMac Premium
aww cute I am sure he appreciated a bit or warmth hope he does well back in the wilderness
soucss Premium
I hope so too, he's young so I'm hoping the mother is close :)
JudeP Premium
Aaaw, cute!
soucss Premium
Isn't he adorable, would love to keep him :)