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February 27, 2016
Well, this week I had to do something I swore I would never do, go back to work in an office. I had been fortunate enough not to have to do that for the past 2 years, I had been able to stay home, travel, and work almost full time on WA since joining. But like so many other people that I'm having the good fortune of meeting here, I have to supplement my income for a while, until the site starts paying.What a shock to the system, having to get up so early, spending so many hours driving/workin
February 14, 2016
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Today we are sharing Valentine's Day with a little creature who is looking to stay warm. In our part of Canada we went down to -40C (-40F) last night, this morning is no better. This little fellow ran into the house last evening when I was bringing the dog in. Needless to say the cats are having the time of their lives chasing him around, at least he's in the house and keeping warm. He's just a little baby squirrel so it took some effort for him to find a hidin
January 14, 2016
I promised myself, as of January 1st, I would provide feedback and comments for at least one site a day, it's become part of my checklist when I log into WA. One thing I am constantly stating in my feedback is that the website needs to be proofread. We all make mistakes, I know I do, but I find it so important that we should try and minimize, if not eliminate the mistakes on our site.I can tell you that I myself will actually move on from a website if I find too many spelling and grammatical
Yesterday I asked for site feedback for the first time, it was for the homepage of my website, and was so thrilled with the response I got. And surprise of surprises, the feedback was provided by a new member,, who joined just this month, but his feedback was amazing. I actually made all of the changes he suggested and the site looks even better than it did, it looks more focused.To make things even better I sent him a reply thanking him for his generou
December 30, 2015
Wishing everyone only the best for 2016, on my bucket list is to make it to Vegas. My sister has decided to spoil her hubbie and myself, get us started with a bang, she's serving lobster for diner tomorrow night!Cheers Everyone, Sylvie :)
December 09, 2015
I've just spent a few hours catching up on my emails, reading everyone's new blogs and comments, and have decided to share my 'blurb' of the day. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my sister, telling her how I was feeling out of sorts, not happy with my progress, feeling I was slow compared to other WA members. I decided to take the day off and did nothing on my site. I went to bed feeling a little depressed and didn't like that I was questioning if I had taken the right decision by signing
A question a number of people have asked me, and there are a few answers to that: first I have been retired for 2 years and know about it, two the retirement community is HUGE.I was fortunate that I could retire at 49, spent the last couple of years spoiling myself and joined WA to begin a second career. I've learned that retirement offers so many good things like:Freedom - there is nothing like waking up in the morning, at whatever time you want to wake up, and realize the day is yours. Bonus
November 28, 2015
Every year there are 2 occasions where a gift is given from myself to myself, Xmas and my birthday. This year Xmas came early, with the Black Friday event at Wealthy Affiliate I gave myself a yearly membership, I'm pleased as punch. My first good decision was joining the group, my second was going yearly. So I toast my future (I'm enjoying a glass of wine to celebrate) and will never look back. A great big thank you to such a great community.
Thought I'd write a few words about where I am in the program, seeing as I'm new, and this will provide me with a baseline to compare with when I look back 6 months to a year from now. So far the experience has been amazing, there is so much to learn but it's proving to be very interesting. One thing I have to learn is to focus, there is so much information it is easy to spend hours jumping from one blog or comment or post to another, then you realize you're not giving yourself enough time fo