My 14 Year Old Son Got Scammed Online Beware

Last Update: Apr 30, 2022

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My 14-Year-Old Son Got Scammed Online Beware

A few days ago my 14-Year-Old Son was scammed out of money made online over a year he bought and sold crypto and different things on eBay he got about £20 up to about £440.

He bought a graphics card for £300 and listed it on Facebook Marketplace for £380 someone from Coventry (UK) messaged him wanting to buy it. He told him he had sent a bank transfer and sent screenshots of the so-called bank transaction to my son.

Unfortunately, my son believed him and did not wait for cleared funds to appear in his account and posted the £380 graphics card :-( When it became apparent that he had been scammed he filed a report with the Police but that didn't do anything.

Anyone who would scam a 14 your old working his tail off to make a few $$$$$ online out of nearly all his money is one of the lowest forms of life on earth, and I hope and am pretty sure there will be some great Karma coming their way.

I wonder how they can even sleep at night preying and stealing from young children :-(

Beware of scammers online and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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Sorry to hear about this Sotiris... Spammers and Scammers are beginning to become more and more of a pest as every day unfolds..

They will always target the young or the old and have absolutely no remorse in doing so.. how they are able to sleep at night is a mystery to me..

I totally agree... if it sounds too good it most certainly is...

So sorry to hear that happened to him. I always wish there's a special very hot place for people who do things like that.

From many years of experience, I truly believe that one day payback will come on this earth to folks like that. Whether it's a horrible illness, everything going wrong, or even a violent attack from one of their own "friends" (with a personality like that, who could ever trust them?), something will indeed happen to make their life miserable. You won't get to see it, but take comfort that it will.

Cheating someone like this results in bad Karma. It is not just a philosophy. It means that one's actions (good or bad) leave imprints on one's consciousness and shape the kind of person one becomes.

Sadly, such people don't bother about the impact of their actions on themselves and others.

Very upsetting. I hate this, when I hear about it.
The police can’t do anything…

That's really unfortunate, and I hope you will be able to find some justice from this sad incident. That is a hard way to learn a lesson.

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