2021 - Look Forward, Not Back

Last Update: Jan 1, 2021

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It is time to put the past behind us. It is time to move forward with new goals.

Happy New Year!

This morning, I took a few moments to reflect on last year. When I looked at my stats on WA site content last year, "discovered" that I had not posted to my website(s) since March 29, 2020, last year. Basically, when our stay at home order was lifted, I wanted to be anywhere but at home working on the computer.

Yet, as I was working on my 2021 business plans, I realized that while face to face interactions are important, my businesses would have been a lot further along had I posted quality content to my websites regularly.

However, now is not the time to beat myself up. Today is the chance to start creating new habits that will grow my business.

What about you? Are you ready to grow your business?

I love New Years Day because it signals a fresh start.

For accountability, I want to document and share my stats.
January 1, 2021

Words written for website: 0

Posts published on website: 0

Wealthy Affiliate Rank: 494

Wealthy Affiliate Blog Posts Written for 2021- 0. (70 in the past).

Goals for January, 2021

Website - Publish minimum of 12 posts ( 3 per week)

Spend time on Wealthy Affiliate platform learning and getting inspired: 5 hrs week avg.

Set up YouTube Channel

Post minimum 1 video a week.

Have you written down you business goals for January? Are they specific? Are they measurable?

To conclude, Happy New Year!


Recent Comments


Great Goals Sondra,

I have written 2020 off as a non event year due to being diverted away from my business by personal issues.

2021 will be totally different & I am recording my goals & will check each month to ensure I achieve them.


Awesome goals! I have made some plans for 2021relating to my websites which are going to put more focus on areas that are more productive.
Wish you continued success and focus in the new year.

I also fell behind in my progress in 2020 and am looking at 2021 as an opportunity to get back into the groove and step it up. Happy 2021 and let's keep our focus!


Sondra thank you for being honest about your progress and your plan for 2021. It is recognizing the challenges we face, creating a plan and making the change that is required. Congrats to doing just that. Looking forward to your success in 2021.

Time to get the head down! Happy New Year

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