'TRIPWIRE METHOD' to profit from ClickBank - Bait Method

Last Update: September 13, 2020

Bait method is a Funnels technique.

First of all, why do we need to use baid method ?

Isn't it enough to get client's Email ?

In fact, getting client's Email is not enough to make a profit. On your list, you'll only find 1,500 people who buy. The rests are interested, but they don't have money

So we, as marketers, needed to find a solution to this problem that reduces our profits and makes us waste time with customers who are not able to buy for reasons we don't know.

One day two marketers came to solve this problem, Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson.

Ryan Deiss: He is the founder of Digital Marketer, whose revenues exceed 7 figures per year.

Russell Brunson: He was the founder of the Click Funnels platform, and his profits exceeded 8 figures per year.

Here's what they found out...

As everyone knows, Digital Marketer is the # 1 source of information for all marketers in the world, where you will find all the free information you need in your work on their blog and paid corners. One day Ryan Deiss was doing the same thing I explained to you: He fetches the traverse from the ads for "Squeeze Page" and then sells his cords via emails. His subscription price was $47 per month.

According to him, his company's profits were growing month after month, but he wasn't convinced of those profits.

He decided to use the bait method, which is as follows:

Instead of fetching the traverse from Facebook ads for "Squeeze Page" to get their e - mails, he made ads for the landing page "Landing Page."

On this page, he made his corals at $7 for the first month instead of $47, and was surprised that his transfer rate increased by 800%, and at the same time he got Emile every person who did the partnership.

After the first month, he noticed that 40% of those who did the $7 chorus had paid $47 in the following months. He also wrote to the rest of them on Sequence, sold them many corsets, and promoted the "T & C Summit," which saw a large presence.

Russell Brunson was trying to promote his Click funnels product, but he always got the client at $107, knowing that the price of Clickfunnels was $97, that is, in losses, he stated that he was making up for the losses in the monthly contribution, but the sterile was taking part in the first month and not completing his contribution to the rest.

He finally decided to use the bait method, which is as follows:

He first thought to himself why they'd buy his Clickfunnels, and they knew nothing about Funnels.

He decided to share his message with the world that "Clickfunnels" is the answer to all their problems, with Dotcom Secretaries and Express Secretaries. In fact, I recommend everyone to read these books because they will help you double your profits.

And to convince people to buy his book, he sold it for free in exchange for the price of "Shipping," which is only $8 for Americans and $12 for outside America.

What the book contains is that Clickfunnels is the answer to all your problems and ways of using them and your first million bags, in the two books you'll find a treasure trove of information worth thousands of dollars. The point of all this is to convince you that Funnels is the future and that Clickfunnels is the platform that will help you...

Russell Brunson sold the books to more than 1 million people, so his letter reached over 1 million people, and then 20% of those who bought the book shared with Clickfunnels and paid $97 per month.

Well, how is all this gonna help me sell Click products that you're not gonna...

There are many goals from using bait method:

You will bring in your interested and money-owning audience at the same time, i.e. you do not have to waste your time in an interested audience without money.

The funnel will be used to promote ClickBank products after your taste is eaten, which must not exceed $ 10.

Will you get the e-mails of interested clients and eventually have money?

Before all this, can you watch this video to the end because it will help you understand so much...


As I saw in the video, Russell created Funnel to market the book "Money: Master The Game for Tony Robbins.

But the secret to these funnels is for Upsell to do after you bought the book Bait at first...

So after you buy the book on the first page, you go to the second page, which tells you that there's a copy of his software for free, but then you go into a monthly subscription of $99.

On page 3, he offers his bouquet at $297 instead of $891.

The bottom line is the client went in to buy a free book that he got out of the van by paying over $100,000.

That's called Tripwire.

But, how is this gonna do me any good to promote ClickBank?

Here's the thing. I want you to create E - Books, a simple program, or a little chorus...

Sell it through Clickfunnels for $7

After creating your landing page in the Clickfunnels, use the Funnels to pass the client from page to page...

- It is also stated that your book or bait will be at a small price on the first page of the funnel.

On the second page, put the click product up to $45 and create a video explaining how it's used and why it's important.

- On page 3, select a product worth more than $100 and convince him that he will change his life "on the basis of your creativity."

You can create as many pages in your "Funnels," no problem.

explain all this in this evidence will take me months, so watch this video..

As I said at the beginning, everything depends on experience:

Try thousands of landing pages, try thousands of finals, try...

When you find the successful Funnels, be sure that $100,000 a day is going to be simple for you, it's all a matter of traffic getting into a tunnel and going out with money.

Even if you can't get the client to pass all your "Funnel" pages, no problem you got Emails .

Send him every day and try every day to convince him and send him back to the pages where he stopped transferring.

It's not simple, but it's not complicated at the same time.

These things you've done today, you can apply to all fields, whether in droppshipping , Affiliate , CPA ..

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent information, Mohamed!

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Most (maybe all) sales techniques involved the funnel technique to some degree. Put enough in the top of the funnel and the numbers grow at the bottom!