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I am a Tunisian guy with a medical background, worked in medical device companies and I am passionnate about Information systems, business developpment and self





I need help to find a good niche for me?

I need help to find a good niche for me?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Who can suggest a good niche for me and take me through the process stp by step?

Thank you for your support

Sofiane, check your inbox. I sent you some helpful resources for finding your niche.

If you still have a hard time deciding, let me know.

thank you

You’re welcome

Hi - only you can know what would be a good niche for yourself. As you need to write a lot of content on your niche, there would be no point in suggesting something that you had no knowledge of or no interest in. What subject would you genuinely enjoy writing about?

What are your hobbies and interests?

What are you most passionate about?

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Best all-in-one seo analysis tool ?

Best all-in-one seo analysis tool ?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi every one, can you please guide me to the best SEO analysis all-in-one tool that support more language other than english? your help is much appreciated

This is what I found on the net -

While you can use WordPress in another language, you should always set it up to speak your visitor’s language. That provides a better, richer, more engaged user experience, which enhances your SEO.

The WordPress community has already translated the tool into many languages. You can configure your installation through the administrator panel — without any coding or technical skills.

Because it isn’t a good user experience to mix languages on your website, make sure you translate all WordPress plugins into your language also. Before buying it, check to see if a plugin is translation-ready, so that you can translate it using a program like


Do the same for any WordPress theme you install. This becomes particularly important if you plan to expand your business into new markets, countries and regions.

Avoid localization by IP because many Web users are on proxy servers and VPN switches which can make it seem as if they are in another location or country. Don’t automatically switch languages, creating confusion in the visitor’s mind.


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How can I change my email account password with wa?

How can I change my email account password with wa?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I want to change the generated password for one of my WA domains


Hey Sofiane!

You probably have to contact siteSupport for that.

Hope this helps :)

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