The Ultimate On-page SEO checklist for 2019 :)

Last Update: February 11, 2019

The Ultimate On-page SEO checklist for 2019 :)

  1. Main Keyword with > 50 traffic and < 10 competition
  2. The longer content the better ( > 1800 characters )
  3. Use of LSI keywords ( use LSI graph tool) in the same page / post
  4. Key word in the first 100 character (first paragraph)
  5. Keyword in H tag
  6. Keyword in image alt description
  7. Keyword in meta title, meta description
  8. External link to authority domain for main Keyword
  9. Internal link to other pages
  10. Above the fold content (Before scrolling)
  11. Infographic and media related to the topic
  12. Clear call to action (Ask for comments and share)
  13. Insert a video if possible
  14. Check content duplication
  15. References and links


SEO Guide 2019

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Ahimbe Premium
Thank you for the strategy tips for 2019. I will check out my posts and see how I am fairing with the SEO guide 2019
xujiangtao Premium
good conclusion, very useful