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Last Update: September 09, 2019

Spoiler alert. I am going to do a little talking about training. So, if you are not there and do not like spoiler alerts of what is to come, you might want to click off.

Still here, good!

If you have read my blogs you are aware I completed the enterpeniour training a few months ago. Because I cann't stop or won't stop, I have moved on to the other training path. I wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence.

I became engrossed in building the new affiliate website. I love new challenges and I love website building. Never fear Cat People Jewelry is still going strong and has a lot of things going on with it. But that is another post for another time.

No, this post is about my namesake site Snoozy Mom, the blog about blogging. I am sure you can see how I can use that as an affiliate website.

Now, I am working my way through the training, happy as a clam. Checking things off left and right. When I stop dead...

I come upon lesson Affiliate Bootcamp, Phase 2 : Lesson 10 of 10 - Offering Bonuses the Easy WA. I have entered in a challenge of a lifetime.

Bonus, What Bonus

My brain starts to go ninety miles a minute... I am reading about marketing bonus. Gathering all the ideas I can lay my grubby little hands on. Ooh, pdf come here, exclusive facebook maybe, video lesson possibly... what oh what would I pick?

I picked an e-booklet.

I chose an ebooklet for a few reasons.

It seemed a substantional offering. I could have done something easier, I know. But I wanted something that would add real value. Well, I wanted something that would offer at least $19.

Why that amount because that is what we pay for our first month at WA. If I could give people something that was equalivent in value to what they pay for their first month then it is like they get their first month for free.

At least that is what my brain told me.

You would think that choosing the subject would be the hard part, but it really wasn't. All I had to do is ask myself what I would of loved to of had in the beginning. What was the first thing, I did after training had ended.

The answer was come up with a basic marketing plan. Nothing major but something to get the traffic flowing. I have a pretty good system in place that provides a decent flow, but having an ebook would have saved me a day or two gathering information and coming up with a plan.

It would of also saved me the headache of all mistakes and errors I made because I did not know how to do something. For example, change my personal account to a business account.

In the end, my ebooklet "Easy Peasy Pinterest Marketing Guide" was born.

Now Comes The Fun Part

I have never written an ebook before. Even a small ebook and I have already decided I needed to create something I felt gave $19 worth of value. Mind you, I struggle to create 1500 word blog post.

But the only way I have ever learned to deal with fear is to jump right in feet first. So, that is what I did. I opened my Grammarly and wrote, created fake businesses so I could get step by step screen shots.

Walked through all the steps I took to get my account where it is. I wrote all my tips and secrets. Applied to become an affiliate of the tools I use to create and schedule my pins. There is no reason that if they are going to get the tools anyways that they can not use my link.

It took a solid week. Well, it took two calendar weeks, but some of that time was spent on Cat People Jewelry so I do not count it. But I had all the pictures and the text written.

Want to know a secret?

I had no idea what to flippen do at the point.

I was at a complete lost. I sat there and stared at my screen, racking my brain, seeing if maybe I had some inkling how to create an ebook. I had to create the book for free, I am already tapped out fund wise.

After my brain cameback empty handed, I went the same place I always go when I am lost. I went to Google. Well, first I went to get a glass of wine, I am a little fried by now. Then I went to Google.

It was easier then I thought it would be. I learned I could do it all in Canva. I have been using Canva anyways for pins, banners, logos and all sorts of stuff. In no time at all, I had an ebooklet. My first WA bonus!

Jeez Dovey, Why Are You Telling Us?

I am telling you because I always imagine that there is someone who is stuck where I am. They are having a hard time deciding on what kind of bonus to offer. My advice to them, think about the one thing you wish you would of had in the beginning. The one thing that would have made it easier for you- then create and offer it as a bonus.

I am also asking for feedback... What do you think of the bonus? Would a basic step by step marketing plan be something that you would of been interested in? Should I create more than one bonus? What kind of bonuses do you offer? Let me know in the comments below.

As always be the light in the world,

~ Dovey

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Carson2 Premium
I agree with JIm. FREE is a KEY!
JKulk1 Premium
This sounds incredible. It's what I have suggested in my blog. Offer people something of value and it not only helps you keep them as a customer it strengthens the trust. Jim
Jadatherapy Premium
Brilliant totally worth it.

Brilliant post and love the way you put it together I have learned something new today and I thank you for that.

Here's to making it happen

Debs66 Premium
Wow I am totally blown away with this post. If I wasn't a member at W.A. already I would have opted into what you offer.

The reason why is because you have a talent to write that I wished I had.

I almost want to knock every one else out of the way to go and find more. You are class A1 at engagement.

I am going to learn from you. You have a good eye for your content also. Thank you for such a wonderful post.
Debs :)
Joes946 Premium
Dovey, it’s a great idea!
way to go.