How To Stay Focused While Working At Home - My 5 Tips

Last Update: July 11, 2019

Hi, I am Dovey, and I am a hot mess. As a hot mess, I can be distracted easily. I have been known to chase down rabbit holes, do things that pop into my head at random and loose complete motivation. Because of all these things, I had to set some hard and fast rules. I have compiled a list of my top 5 tips on how to stay focused while working at home.

These tips can help anyone, even if you do not identify as a hot mess.

Tip #1 - Get Dressed

Just because I can work in my PJs does not mean I should. Getting up, dressed, and doing some basic hygiene is essential for the work at the home individual.

It creates the mindset that you are going to work, that you have a task that you must accomplish. Being dressed helps to put you in a business and professional mindset. You are ready to hit the day running. It also will ward off depression. Grooming is a form of self-care, and by making sure that you do it every day, you will help to keep your spirits up.

Tip #2 - Create a Workspace

I realize that one of the perks of working from home is the "laptop" lifestyle; however; even that laptop can become your workspace. I have a desktop set up in my den where I have a door to shut out the outside world if need be. Some of you may not have that. Good news is it does not matter.

What I mean by creating a workspace is having a dedicate spot, tools, and time when you work. For example, a dining room table is a great spot. When you sit in that spot, you are no longer playing on facebook. That is the spot where you are going to build this business you are dreaming of. A dedicated computer or laptop is another example. If you have a work laptop then when you are on that dedicated device, you are working.

Tip #3 - Routines

Routines are your friend. I have fought routines for years as I felt they held my creativity back. I am learning that is the furthest thing from the truth. They help to create a mindset so I can create. I know by following a routine, I have handled the day to day task, which frees me up to write my amazing content.

It also organizes my mind so that I stay on track. I do not have to worry about things like did I walk the dog, because I know I did. It is part of my before work routine. Having a set routine allows me to stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand.

Tip #4 - Lists, lists, lists, and more lists

There is an unmistakable power in having a pen and pad handy. I have a million things run through my head a day. If I am not careful, I will drop what I am doing and do whatever idea I just had.

Prime example; I am writing a blog post, the thought "I do not have a category for this post" pops in my head. That leads to the idea; I need to reorganize my menu, which of course makes me think about the navigation training and what it said about organizing menus. STOP! Now, I just write down "create a new category for the latest blog post" on my pad, and continue writing.

Creating list also works on non-work related ideas that pop in my head, such as, I need to go by the post office. I write it on my list and incorporate it into the following day. Do not get caught up into organizing your list too much. It is just a means of getting the ideas out of your head so you can remain focused.

Tip #5 - Kids and Pets are my Achille's heel

There is nothing more I love in my life than my family; including my fur babies. However, they want nothing to do with me until I sit down to work. Then all of a sudden, they need food and water. They have to go potty. My teenagers who only come out of their rooms for twenty minutes a day want to discuss the meaning of life at this moment.

How do I deal with it? I shove them all out and lock the door. I am just kidding; not even I would do that. I set a timer. Then I state, "You have five minutes of my undivided attention." I hit start and listen. When that timer buzzes, I tell them that we can continue this conversation during my next break. And because I have a routine, I know when my next break will be.

Those are my five tips on how to stay focused while working at home.

It is understandable that focusing while at home can be difficult. Lucky you, you now work from your happy place. The place where you go to feel safe, comfortable, and where you can always be yourself. Just remember this place is also your office and area of business and you are going to need to start treating as such.

One last mini tip for the road: Whereas it is crucial to be focused while working, remember, when you're done, you are done. Turn off the computer and spend some time with your family. Get up from your workspace and enjoy the rest of your day. And if any work-related ideas pop in your head while you are off, jot them down and work on them in the morning.

Do you have some excellent tips for staying focus? Let me know in the comments!

~Til next time, Be the light in the world


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Mick18 Premium
These are all wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing.
snoozymom Premium
Thank you for taking the time to stop and read.
tracydawn Premium
Dovey, I just love this blog! I am having a hard time trying to focus and when I'm on a roll, I just can't stop. Yesterday I was on that roll, I worked all day and all night, next thing I know it is 4:15 a.m.! I felt great for what I had accomplished, but boy am I exhausted today. I need to follow your advice, get a routine, take breaks and learn how to deal with other priorities. Thank you for sharing, that was fun to read!
snoozymom Premium
Thank you for your comments. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has struggled. Sometimes working from home you can feel so alone. That is why I love WA.

Here is your success, and a well-deserved nap.
BElliott56 Premium
This was an eye opening post. Thank you for sharing this. Since I don't have a year under my belt yet. I sacrifice time with my family to getting things worked out right. I also love doing this business. I do know If I don't back off a bit I can face burn out. I will start applying these important tips to get more out of my day.
snoozymom Premium
I am so glad that you found them useful. It can be hard to draw that line between work and play. I had to remind myself to play, as well. Like you said, to keep from coming burnt out.
BarbaraBC Premium
Great post and ideas! And well written! Thanks.
snoozymom Premium
Thank you for the feedback. I am glad that you took the time to stop by!
Vickic3 Premium
It's always good to have a plan and a workspace.
I prepare my week ahead on Sunday and then I'm off ticking off my list of things to do and this keeps me focused on where I'm heading
Good on you for having yours
Go well
snoozymom Premium
I like the thought of planning my week ahead of time. That is a great tip. Thank you for sharing!