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Last Update: March 06, 2017

Hey Guys,

Came across JetPack tool on the net. As I explored a bit about it, I found no negative reviews except for it high price ($700+).

Why I am considering this option?

1. No negative review about the program (not even from WA members)

2. Reputation of Mark Ling.

3*. Cheat sheets of keywords

4*. 70+ expertly-crafted emails (includes affiliate programs to promote)

5*. 20 high quality, designed-to-convert "hard sell" emails (includes programs to promote)

6*. 3 top-quality "Free reports"

(*for 3, 4, 5 & 6 - is the best thing for me I feel at least this will save my time of doing research and setting mails etc, given that I am having full time job and evenings most of my time goes to learning religion, so am left with little time)

I can manage to write fresh content regularly for my posts from the cheat sheets they give.

My only problem is 3-6, which will eat up my time and I am not left with much time after office hours. :-/

What I have seen on the website reviews of this Program is the cost, I agree its quite high.

But as long as we are getting back this amount from our websites, this cost should not be a matter of worry.

For me am comfortable shelling out this amount if I will see good results in next 4-8 months., I will consider this amount as an investment for my business.

I would appreciate your opinion.


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jofa Premium
I was once with Affilorama and i knew all about AffiloJetPack pack. It is a great product though with a lot of BUT!

One of the critical but, is duplication of content and lack of uniqueness in your offering. The product is duplicated for as many people as possible.

All that is put together in AffiloJetPack is what you are being thought here. If you can just take your time and learn the rudiment of blogging here, you can be made for life.

Please don't burn that heavy funds on such a product, it can be channel on better stuff. All the above is my personal opinion.

Sometimes i hate myself for knowing about WA early.

snaaaz Premium
Thanks for the valuable suggestion Jofa.
I do agree on the fact of "duplication", however, what if I rewrite from the given words? because creating something from nothing is really hard for me (especially when I can't give enough time). If I have keywords, I will have a fair idea that should help me in writing the content.
Other thing is the whole bunch of emails to sustain a year. My worry is how will I be writing all these? Jetpack will allow me to use their templates which I can customize to suit my requirement.

I'd appreciate if you;d suggest me further.

GautamWorld Premium
You could get many templates for free from Google. They could be as good after you rewrite them. But as I said, if you made what you spent within the 'probation' period, EVERYTHING is okay. :)
snaaaz Premium
I don't think I will make even half the amount of the program cost Coz somewhere I read a review where they said will come in 2-3 weeks to 4-6months depending on efforts. It was also said, if you are not getting broke or if you have no money issues then go for this program its great otherwise stay away. :-/

Is it google templates? let me research on it more.

Thanks again You are such a help. :)
GautamWorld Premium
After the 4-6 months, the 'guarantee' period will be over! I am still not against the program.

I never asked for my money back within the period because I felt 'guilty' I may be taking undue advantage of their 'good' nature and letting me try the program for free.

When there's the slightest possibility of me leaving them, they will load me with 'bonuses' and 'goodies.' They don't spend a penny for them.

As I said, don't go by the reviews or even by what I said. Try the program for three weeks, and be SUPER HARSH while asking for your money back. Most of the 'reputed' courses pay back. Remember: some even promise to double the amount but disappear when you ask for what you spent.

For the email templates, you could use Google search engine with different key phrases; you will find loads of free stuff.

Also, why not try the templates on the jetpack program for three weeks. Generous folks - Use them! :)
GautamWorld Premium
There are better ways to spend the $700, not appropriate here to suggest the way, but you can take the hint. Just my opinion and you're the best judge.
snaaaz Premium
Thanks for your suggestion, however, If I try to buy it thru affiliate link, this 700 will come down (as I get the commission) + we get 5 websites (keywords, aff.programs, emails etc, all well organized and ready to use types).
But if I think of outsourcing, I will have to do all things myself including research, finding the right person to help etc. and if I calculate "value of my efforts + outsourcing cost" x 5 websites this would come around the same amount if not more.

I am taking JetPack cost as the investment, which i would reap in a long run (God willing).

80% am into JetPack, 20% will be based on the response I get here at WA.
GautamWorld Premium
Good luck if you want to invest there, go for it! I have burnt my fingers in the past: I would hate anybody or a forum which talked ill about going for a program I was after and would find all the reasons and the big things they would promise.

If they have a money back guarantee, my suggestion would be to use it within the 30 days if you're not making at least 25-50% of what you spent. If you did not make a dime or a earned just a few dollars, it would remain that way, before you realize you lost your money.

It's your life and your mind and money anyways. I just shared my experiences.

Cheers and all the best!
snaaaz Premium
Thanks Gautam,

Yes they do have money back guarantee, in fact, they promise to add 100$ to the Program cost, if one is not getting results after following their program.
This is one thing that makes me think, if they are so sure about the product then there has to be something promising in it.

thanks again.
GautamWorld Premium
Hey Naz,
Most of these programs have such claims, and they are experts in the art of manipulation. They would say things or engage with you to 'support' when things don't work well during the 'guarantee' period. Finally, you will think it is you who did not put the effort, and there's nothing wrong with them. Maybe they will make you feel you had done well in a month when you did not. 'Not getting results' after following their program. What's the goal you are aiming? Do you need to show any proof that you have put in the effort, and it did not work?

But well, if you made what you spent in a month(or even half of that), let us know, many here would be interested, including me!

snaaaz Premium
Thanks Gautam will do so.
Your points made me to think of the other side or rather, dark side. "what if?"

Anyway, will do a bit more research before putting in the money.

Many thanks,
GautamWorld Premium
That's good, Naz. Please keep us posted.

Good luck!