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Last Update: December 04, 2016

Hi all,

More I am exploring Google Analytics, more I am learning new things. When I first came to know, how to see (if not study) at the visitors to my website, I got excited to find couple of visits to my website. Only to realize later, this traffic is not real (Mostly from Russia).

I wonder why can't one do their business with peace, why Scammers need to Poke into other's businesses. Huhh

Some traffic was genuine too.

This issue of fake traffic put me into concern. What if my website (or I in specific) get affected by the hackers. Especially considering the fact, I know so little about the Internet & Technology.

Well, for time-being, I followed the steps outlined in the below link to ward-off Ghost Traffic. Will see how can I make myself more aware & cautious about all these.

I am sure, all of us have got this fake traffic to their websites, how do U all manage? what measures have you taken?


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GlenPalo Premium
Hi Nazia. That's a great article. The Moz blog is a good one to follow.
WilliamBH Premium
Thank you Nazia .. a great article .. Cheers, William
snaaaz Premium
Thanks for stopping by William. :)