Maintaining focus and belief

Last Update: February 17, 2018

The best way I know of to maintain focus and belief is taking consistent action and monitoring the activity dashboard here. We will start seeing results here over time, even if sometimes those results are small in the beginning.

Small successes turn into big successes over time.

Seeing other people getting results can be an inspiring thing and as we watch the live chat and activity dashboard we see people who are getting results and how hard they are working also.

The training itself helps us maintain focus since we are following structured steps and those steps are constantly updated. We will want to go all the way through the training at least once, and then check back or maybe even cycle through the training again routinely to really develop our skill set.

It is also a huge thing, as we learn, to share what we have learned with other people who may be struggling. I was able to help somebody in live chat the other day figure out how to load html code into their editor and see a link they were trying to promote.

I also will be trying more and more in the future to provide feedback and comments to other people's sites to help their ranking, and in return we can ask for feedback and comments on our sites to help our site health and ranking.

We can offer value to people in this way and all these things add up toward helping us maintain focus and belief in our skill sets. Our ultimate success within WA and within affiliate marketing in general is what will grow as a result.

With respect,

Scott Moore

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yarg Premium
Focus is what I need, to do thanks for the advice.
a1jonuk Premium
Consistency is the key to success and yes small success leads to larger success, thanks for sharing.
MKearns Premium
Indeed constant observation ignites focus!
smoore Premium
Thanks for the comment, and yessir, I agree.