Last Update: January 31, 2018

I'm writing this post because of the fact that distractions have cost me a great deal of money over the years, and I allowed them to. So, I hope this helps somebody to avoid them.

There are distractions offline as well as online, but the ones online when we turn our computer on are the ones that bother me most. Offline distractions are mostly in the category of work and family. Family especially has to take a priority, but once you are able to log back in, try to refocus and go back to work.

Online distractions are the worst ones, at least in my mind. Since we are learning affiliate marketing in this platform, that means we will do research, which means it will be easy to lose focus.

Please don't let that happen. I think I have finally learned. We really do have to put blinders on and not look left or right but stay with the task at hand while we are researching. Whether we are adding a page, adding a post, or trying to figure out the domain for our next site, we need to stay step by step building our sites up.

My last post was on the structure of the training in this site, and the structure itself is what will help to avoid distractions, the rest is up to us. When we have steps laid out like we do here we have to keep focused on the step that comes next.

I have tried other things that were actually good programs, but they didn't have nearly the kind of training that is found here. I have also had some success here, even though it's small success, it is still success.

Without a plan and solid training, we only get so far. There is a plan laid out here and given time people see results. I'm going back through the plan right now and I have a great deal of confidence in it.

I do believe that the training and the steps here will help avoid distraction. For the new people, which I am still basically new myself, just stay with this until you get solid as an affiliate. Once you get solid you can help guide others.

Avoid distractions at all costs. If you get overwhelmed or discouraged, reach out to me or somebody. I may not be technical help all the time, but I hope I can always be an encouragement.

With respect,

Scott Moore

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ezystart Premium
Thanks Scott. Your words of encouragement will help me through my day.
Loes Premium
Yes, the online distractions can be very tempting
smoore Premium
Thanks for the comment. The structure in this site is helping me avoid distractions this time.