Be paitent

Last Update: July 22, 2017

I have been on here now for about 2 months and have just finished phase 3 in boot camp. I have just come along this paragraph from Kyle and thought it was important for fellow students to read.

If you haven’t made any conversions yet, this is OK. If you have, that is awesome. Either way, your success is going to be very cumulative and the work you have invested already is going to pay HUGE dividends going forward.

So stick with it.....Don't give up and look forward to the future your want.

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nabilex Premium
Yeah, thanks for the reminder.
TracyD1 Premium
Thanks for reminding us
susanmacneil Premium
Great way to remind everyone to take one step at a time, as outlined in the training!

Good for you!

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Maike12 Premium
It is not how fast you can control the subject matter, but rather have a good understanding of the subject that catapults you in the right direction...which = sucess!!