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My name is Sikopo from Zambia. I've always wanted to run an online business but its been overwhelming, not knowing where to start! But it looks like the step by step help here at Wealthy Affiliate is what I've been looking for.

I look forward to receiving help here for success!
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ojphd Premium
SkopoL, I like you am new at this. I come from a totally different background that did not require computer knowledge. Boy, do I wish I was a millennial now.
Also like you I needed this step by step method. It is keeping me inspired and engaged.
Thanks for following me. I will follow you also.

Here's to success for both of us.

JulietAA Premium
Thanks for following me Sikopo
I wish you the very best here at WA
Following you too
Keisi Premium
Hola Sikopo!

Thank you for adding me to your network and I have also added you to mine.

All the best wishes for a speedy accomplishment of your hopes and dreams right here at WAU! You made the right choice to learn from the Best of the Best.

RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for the follow, have returned the compliment.
TedP Premium
Thanks for following back
louisaparson Premium

Thanks for following me.

I have been overwhelmed for so long I couldn't see straight.

I just happened to check my email when I saw the emails from Kyle and Carson so I thought I would give it a try. To be honest, I don't remember signing up. I just did because another blogger recommended it to me.

That's how desperate I was to find the proper training. When I saw it, I knew it was right. I just didn't know what was available.

My number one sale is COMMUNITY. If you have a community you can do so many things. So my desire is to build a community of my own in the future.
onlineflow Premium
Welcome to WA, Sikopo, and thanks for Your follow. My best to you,
Kerjackie Premium
Hello. Sikopo, this is the way to do step by step learning process, patience, persistence, confidence, positive mind key to success.
All the best to you.
MMacLeod Premium
Thank you for the follow.
botipton Premium
Thank you for the follow and I am following you back. I look forward to reading about what you accomplish here. Anything I can do to help you please contact me.
YvetteC2 Premium
Welcome to WA Premium. You have joined a community that is very supportive, encouraging and positive. I wish you all the best.

LouisaB Premium
Hello Premium Member! Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate!
herinnelson Premium
Hi and great decision going Premium! You've now just launched your business to the moon! See you there!
RobSciubba Premium
Hi and welcome! You've come to the best place to succeed and I wish you all the success in the world! :-)
Nickoy Premium
Hi and welcome to WA University. Congratulations on becoming a premium member! I wish you great success!
TonyHamilton Premium

Welcome to WA Premium & Congratulations on taking the first step to creating a legitimate income online my Friend!

Now that you are a Premium Member here at Wealthy Affiliate, You are able to and should add your Social Media sites and/or your websites to the bottom right side of your profile page.

Friends at WA, as long as they are "Following" you are then able to visit them and connect with you at those places as well. It's a wonderful way to increase you Social Media Network and also to increase traffic to your website(s).

Great connecting with You and talk with you soon my Friend,

SkopoL Premium
Thanks for the tip Tony. I will add my sites.
TonyHamilton Premium
Wonderful Sikopo,

you are welcome and thank you my Friend.

Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
BrokFTJFH Premium
Hey Sikopo! Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. You're in the right place to learn how to start your own online business !
BrokFTJFH Premium

Hope everything is going well! I noticed that you haven't found the time to set up your profile yet. Just wanted to remind you that setting up your profile is the first step to becoming serious about making a living online.

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Talk to you soon!

BrokFTJFH Premium
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