Anyone else seeing a traffic go to ZERO?

Last Update: Jun 10, 2022

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Just curious if anyone sees similar results.

Traffic and impressions on my 9-month-old site have vanished since the core update.

Very disappointing. I have 50 articles on the site, I know I need more content, but this is very discouraging.

Not sure what else is going on here.

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Hi, Josh

I can certainly see how that would be discouraging but I totally agree with Jude.

Also, check your Core Vitals metrics on GSC. If they are in the red go to Google PageSpeed Insights to get opportunities for improvement.

Either way, keep on pumping out high-value content! 😊


No warnings in GSC, and page speed is not great on mobile per Pagespeed insights. Good results on desktop. My site is hosted at WA.

The site doesn't have enough traffic in GSC to show any CWV stats yet.

This is the scary part though. Currently showing ZERO submitted and indexed articles. I resubmitted a sitemap last week. I am using AIO SEO.

I reached out to site support for help but nothing was offered.

Not sure if this is a technical issue or what. I had one article on page one prior to this, but now it's nowhere to be found.

Josh, this is only my opinion but Google shouldn’t be de-indexing your articles based on an algorithm update, although the new algorithm could affect your rankings, for better or worse.

I would put a ticket into Google: (I PMed you the full link).

I hope that helps and you get it sorted out! 😊

Hi, I have had my traffic drop to 0 multiple times in the first year of my sites.

Very disappointing when it happens.

Even though this has not happened since my sites have matured a bit, after the latest core update of Google, my traffic first made an exciting peak, but now traffic on both my sites has also slightly dropped.

Even dough discouraging, I try to focus on keep writing content as I know that writing helpful content is, most likely, the most beneficial thing I can do for my site.

Keep going. You got this!

Have a great weekend.


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