Please can you welcome my new 'shy' Referrals

Last Update: August 31, 2014

As JeremyWest suggested, in order to show our sense of community, it is nice that we can try to welcome new referrals.

I have a number of referrals who as yet seem a little shy and have not put up Profile or Picture.

In this regard I have posted their links below. Please could you welcome all or some of these. (Depending on what free time you have:) Thank you!

As Jeremy recommended, if we do post for a new member to be welcomed, I shall "give back" by posting a welcome message on at least 3 other members' new referrals if they ask.

We are a community here and welcoming new members so they feel like part of the community can be very helpful!

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MarionBlack Premium
Done for all. ~Marion
JeremyWest Premium
Hi SKC. Thanks for the compliment. Can you post this at so we can keep this all in one thread? ;-)
skc Premium
Good idea...thanks Jeremy. (I'm still not sure if some of these are maybe 'bots?' Two I know for sure are human, but the other 5 arrived after I placed a link in a FBook comment. What you think?
WillingToTry Premium
Only three Shawn??.....c'mon don't be so stingy! :-)