How to Be The Best Affiliate You Can Be

Last Update: November 27, 2019

Being a good affiliate isn't only about promoting and selling.


That's right! It's not!

It's also about knowing the demand of the product.

It's about doing the research prior to becoming an affiliate. If no one is looking for the product then how can you sell it?

What are the keywords for your product? Are people searching for them?

This is extremely important.

Know your product. Lovimg your product.

Being a good affiliate also means being loyal.

Try not to have too many. Especially, try not to compete. What I mean is, do not choose two brands that are competing against each other. That will definitely hurt you and will probably take your credibility away.

Take your products to heart.

When we work with our hearts, we always win. Even in business.

Sonia J.

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timstime20 Premium
It’s so easy to forget the personal aspect of this as we sit with earphones a monitor and a keyboard....
SJB Premium
Oh my! So true! Thanks for reading!
JohnFricker Premium
So right Sonia. emotional connection is key!
SJB Premium
Thank you, John! Best wishes!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Sonia--great information, but if you're promoting two products, one might be of lower cost, but just as good as the brand name--also if you manage to get income from both, then you must be one heck of an affiliate. I'm quite certain there are at least a few here in WA who do promote competing products. I understand your logic of course, but to me, sometimes the illogical wins out! Furthermore, if one creates demand in some way for a product or service, then they are also a great affiliate--just my thoughts on the matter! Have a Great day!

SJB Premium
Thank you, Jeff. You are probably correct. ;)