Are You Comfortable In Front Of A Camera?

Last Update: Nov 21, 2019

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Lucky for me, because of my job, I am comfortable in front of the camera, but I am fully aware that it's not a given for everybody.

With that being said, videos are very important for our online business.

It helps connect better with the client. It creates trust and shows our personality.

I am in the process of creating some videos for my online course and I love it.

It really puts things into perspective. Although I am comfortable filming myself, this experience is enabling me to discover my strong points but also, it's showing me where I need to improve as far as content is concerned.

Writing and speaking are two totally different things.

It's easier to write because it gives us time to think whereas speaking and filming don't give us that time. We have to be very familiar with our subject and feel very comfortable speaking about it because it we are not, that really stands out in the video and may, in the end, cause us to lose a client.

So, I am practicing to be better.

Have you tried filming yourself?

Sonia J.

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Hello Sonia,

Thank you for your blog post.

I think being in front of a camera is something many of his struggle with. I make quite a few how-to videos so I am sharing my screen rather than myself, although I have a small video of myself in the right-hand corner. I believe by making videos regularly our confidence grows.

I do try and talk about subjects that I know about, in this respect I find making a video reasonably straightforward, in fact, easier than writing a blog post.

How did you grow your confidence, Sonia, when you started in front of the camera, please?

Wishing you all the best.


Hello Roy,
Thanks for your message.
I started feeling comfortable because I didn't have a choice. It was either that or I lose my job. ;)
I had to appear on tv shows to talk about events, sometimes, even on live tv.
I also, because of events, have had to speak in front of very large crowds so that helped build up my confidence.
You are right, practice makes perfect. ;)

Hello Sonia,

Thank you for your reply.

I hear you, maybe this is the best way, to go straight in at the deep end and just do it!

I remember having to stand up in front of people in a large church, it was daunting at the time! However, the more times I carried out this practice the easier it became.

I will keep practising!

Wishing you all the best.


Yuck! Is my first reaction Sonia. I really don't think anyone would enjoy watching me in front of a camera, yet I'm going to have to do it. My niche is guitar lessons so I can't avoid the camera if I want to grow my business.

You are very fortunate to be so good in front of a camera. This will be a huge challenge for me.

Lily 😫

Thank you, Lily. I am sure that you are going to do great. I have been practicing for 17 years. That's what makes me comfortable today. ;)

We are not all beautiful in front of a camera and that influences many decisions.

Look at many young women walking down a catwalk, I say they do not look pretty.

They are not smiling so I think they are ugly.

I see them on TV sometimes and I was not interested but they interviewed one a bit later and she started talking and Smiling.

I then saw her beauty as it is all in one's personality.

My quote, “Keep Smiling and Show the World Your inner true Beauty, ‘Your Personality’.” Tom Short.


You are so right! Beauty is on the smile, the eyes, the attitude, the's not about the physique.

Good for you. I am not. Video is a struggle. I agree with Jeff, being photogenic helps. That is why the word was created in the first place.

Thanks for your feedback, Best wishes to you.

Sonia, I've done two quick videos. One was a joint promotion for a holistic agency that I had partnered with. I started "playing" with video here recently.
For those who are camera shy, practice. Through regula practice you will get used to the camera.

If the issue is speaking, I recommend Toastmasters. Great support and help and there are plenty of opportuities to practic speaking. Members help with tips for better speaking.

Wow! Thank you for the awesome tips! :)

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