Rejected and Happy

Last Update: Sep 25, 2012


Well I did it even when I knew better. My second article submitted to Street Articles was rejected. I have been learning the terminology here. So I listed the Terms out of my notebook in a sentence, machine gun style. I don't know why shock factor I guess. Anyway as you can guess it was super keyword stuffed, and grammatically a mess. They were right, I did a little editing and even I like it better. So it has been resubmitted and we will see what happens.

Recent Comments


Wow i gotta get the hang of this picture thing. I guess I'll just have to keep blogging until i get it.

I wish you the very best sound like you will meet your goals .YOU ARE NOT A GIVER UPPER .
keep use updated .Larry the not even coming close to your skills bottle digger .

Thanks, there isn't that much skill, I have just tried to kick it up and see what happens

I am sure with the changes you are on the right track, this will only help you become a better writer. Best of luck to you!

thanks, I don't know about better writer, I usually just try to get my point across,
but I guess one should do it the right way.

I have had a few rejected as well from Street Articles. After reading the guidelines it really seemed to help me. Maybe you will find something to change things around as well.

Thanks , it is always good to back reread I have found out a lot that way.

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