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Last Update: Oct 11, 2012


Well been hanging around for a couple of months now. Still probably overly excited about the learning, but not enough doing. That's okay though I have the goal always in sight. I never did get into the social media thing, other than Email, wasn't my generation I guess. So now I have been off gaining the knowledge and skills to dabble in it. Now I find it very exciting, go figure. Especially how they can be so interactive. I think these skills will increase my success in the long run. I can't wait to learn all I can about Mobile Marketing. I think this will be very exciting to, and another way to get the message out. A way of the future. I am pretty sure there will be new devices to use to. There are a lot of experts out there and on the internet for these subjects, but for me sometimes it is hard to tell what is what. Some information not very informative and can be misleading(most not intentionally) and some way over my head. I find myself coming back to Wealthy Affiliate and community to verify real info. Wow so much to learn. Its here. Its great . Well enough excitement, I need to get back working on my Website, and implementing these methods. Take Care

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Social Media is very exciting. I think a lot of people shy away from it because they over think and when you look at Social Media platforms as just another way to socialize it calms the nerves. I work very closely with local businesses and once I'm able to show them how easy it is and how important it is to be authentic they instantly relax.
If you ever have any questions about Sir William I'd be more than happy to help you out. I may not have all the answers but I sure know where to go to find them. ;)

Well thank you for the offer, I have some children and even grandchildren that seem to be experts in this field but of course they are not using it the way am going to or are they. They are socializing and though I what to do some marketing, I need to do the socializing to be real. How did you like the way I talked my self into that as I typed. Wow therapeutic. Thanks again and keep on keeping on.

I need to get some of my local sites into Mobile now that we have the instructions to do that. When I came to WA, I too, was very rusty with social media. I still have a hard time getting around in it. WA makes that very easy and I've learned a lot about it in the last year, especially since WA updated the site you are now enjoying.

Procrastination is a killer! Another thing (which I'm sorely guilty of) is getting to many projects (campaigns) going. You wind up with a mess of half-finished things when you do that! I put some of them up and am working on a certain few to get them functional before moving on to others.

Yeah Daniel, you hit the nail on the head about the to many projects. Not only here but all the other projects I have half finished. Anyway time to focus, focus, focus.
I already used my most recent line but what the heck. Keep on Keeping on

Their is too many things to learn in life. You know!! Learning will never end. keep your self positive, all the luck sir :)

Thanks, you got that right, learning never ends, never ends, never ends. Oh
Take Care

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