Never Give Up!

Last Update: May 08, 2018

I started looking for information related to earning money online back in 2009. I owned and operated a semi truck at the time and I really desperately wanted to be doing something centered in helping people.

Since I had been a business owner for several years, I understood everything it takes to evaluate, start and run a business. Dedication, time, and money are three key ingredients to starting and running any business, and I was ready and willing to spend money on education and invest my extra time in the sleeper of my truck on my laptop to build something that in time would allow me to walk away from the trucking industry.

Unfortunately everything, I encountered was loaded with hype about internet riches. I did not have unrealistic expectations to get-rich-quick and without a great deal of work, because I know the reality of starting and building a business. I just wanted a legitimate training program that would teach me step by step how to start and build an online business. Since everything, I found was about unlocking the secret to internet riches, I reached for my credit card in hopes to learn how to build an online business.

Over the years I spent 10s of thousands of dollars and countless hours looking for legitimate information and training. In 2014, I found and started my first home based business and it was not an internet business. I learned about franchise brokerage and it fit my passion to help people and my budget, at least I thought.

Leads are expensive and I was not taught to brand and market for myself, so I was dependent on franchise internet leads. Again I looked for legitimate training to add my own marketing along with purchased leads so I could start working with people that know who I am and trust me as a professional.

I found WA two years ago but not before being burned a couple of times again so I dismissed it because I was not sure if anything I read online was real anymore.

I few months ago I decided to look at Wealthy Affiliate again to see if there was something I missed. What I found is that WA was exactly what I had been looking for all of these years.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a business opportunity, it is a training program with the tools included to learn how to start and build a sustainable online business of your own.

Now that I had the proper training and the tools to build my business, I was on my way to achieving my goal of building my own sustainable business. I had set a goal of having my site up, running, some traffic, and a couple of WA sign ups by month 3.

I started out strong moving through the training and building my website, then I got burned out and overwhelmed. Because of bits and pieces of information I picked up over the years, I was ahead of some training and wanted to be learning some other aspects of my website, but I vowed to follow everything step by step in order regardless so I came to a stand still a couple of times to regroup and come back with a clear and open mind again.

I am in month 5 and am just now ready to start sending traffic to my site, but have not hit that part of the training yet so I continue to push forward. I tell people all the time, "Never Give Up, and ask for help". I am good about not giving up, but I have a hard time asking for help. This is an area I need to work on improving.

If you are new here and you are having trouble at all, ask for help. Everyone here that is ahead of you in training is happy to share their experience to help others. Also, if you are not having the results you expected, or have not reached the goals you set for yourself, do not give up.

I may not have achieved the goals I set, and I felt like they were realistic, but that does not mean I have failed, it means I need to reevaluate my goals and adjust them accordingly.

I do not spend much time in the community writing, creating, or sharing because I have a hard time keeping my writing short as you can tell, and this is not the best use of my time to reach my personal business goals. It was fun and exciting to watch my rank climb daily when I was full speed ahead, and I was in the 400's and pushing to reach top 200. As I burnt out it was a little bothersome to watch my rank fall daily as I spent less time here. But really my rank and whether I am in the top 200, 100, or ambassador are not important to me.

I am always willing to help the person with less experience, but what I know is that I need to take care of myself if I want to be of use to others and that means I must focus on results with my own business first then when it is running at a place where I am able to have a DMO based on basic maintenance, I can dedicate some time regularly to helping others here.

All considered, I still feel good about my decision to join WA and my accomplishments since joining back in January.

To the success and prosperity of all


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HazelH Premium
Hello Simon

Well done for picking yourself up and keeping going. You are right that you need to focus on your own business and once that is going well you can look to helping others.

Best Wishes
SimonKE Premium
Thank you Hazel
MarkBa Premium
Best advice and not always that easy but still the best advice. :)

~Mark :)
SimonKE Premium
As life turns, all solutions to any challenge are simple concepts, and you are correct, not always easy to do.

Thank you and all the best
MBentz3 Premium
I have also been a member here for about 5 months and moving slowly through the training. I am as well a lengthy writer so I do empathize with having "a hard time keeping it short" and feeling "burnt out and overwhelmed..."

It's interesting that I read your "Never Give Up" blog just before I log back in to touch up and publish the similar concepts of my "Mysterious Ways" blog.

Thank you for sharing your encouraging accomplishments, you are likely ahead of me, and I wish you the best of luck moving foward. I look foward to reading the updates on your Progress on the journey ahead of us ; ).
SimonKE Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and the kind words. Feel free to ask me personally for help anytime, if I don't know the answer, I will help you find it.

Also, if you like what I wrote and would like to read other things I have written, I could use some comments on my website to help my rankings. If you visit my site and leave some comments, I will do the same for you and offer any insight if I see something that could help you.

Thank you again
Thank you for those motivating words.