Acitivate Your Faith--Without Hesitation!

Last Update: Sep 16, 2013


I must say I don't really know where to began or what to say, as this is my first blog. So, I'll start off with a question.


Have you ever reviewed and searched online looking for the perfect system/product/opportunity that would help you make money online? Have you ever felt hesitant or felt a little doubt inside that made you have second thoughts about proceeding to purchase a product or moving forward?

I first joined WA on 8-21-13 on the free 7-day trial. I then tried the Premium membership. As of today, I officially upgraded to the yearly premium membership WITHOUT AN ONCE OF HESITATION! Just wanted to share my excitement!

I never felt any doubts, skepticism, or any reluctance from the first time I joined WA or even now. I don't like monthly payments and upgrading to the yearly Premium Membership just took a load off my shoulder on many levels. Plus, I saved a few dollars because I upgraded before my first month Premium membership ended. There is a blessing to act without delay!


By no means am I a religious person, but I do consider myself spiritual. At times we must listen carefully to that still small voice within our spirit that guides us through life. Some may call it intuition or the Divine Voice. You know, that voice that tells you, "don't go to the left or right, but go straight" and you later find out there was a bad accident had you gone the other way or "you better take your umbrella today" and you later got drenched with rain because you didn't listen or "don't join or sign, it's a waste of your money" and later you got scammed, or don't get involved with him/her.....they're nothing but trouble", and you were left with a broken heart or angry because you didn't listen.

I'm sure we all have experienced that little small voice within us that we sometimes ignored, and we look back and think, "Darn...something told me not to do that, or "Something told me to jump on that opportunity when I had the chance."

Don't Be Discouraged

For those of you who may be feeling a little discouraged because you have not seen any results or profits from all your hard work, just hold on a little longer and don't give up on faith. Don't lose hope, as your reward is on it's way. In due season, you will reap the fruits of your labor.

Just wanted to leave one of my favorite scriptures: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1.

Activate Your Faith----Without Hesitation!


Recent Comments


Well said. I once had a friend say to me "delayed obedience (to that inner voice of God) was disobedience". I struggled with that statement, since I thought it prudent at the time to always be a little skeptical.
What I have discovered over the years is that every delay increases the potential for inaction. And so indeed faith without action is dead, or no faith at all. Thanks for blessed.

Hi Tamira, just saw your blog. Congratulations. I will follow in your footsteps when I can, as it does alleviate pressure. In this case, I feel that you have made a wise choice and that your inner voice is leading you down the correct path.

Best wishes for the future and your success.

Your blog justifies your faith in good things. You have heard your inner voice.Your site would also be amazing.

Thanks Vimal! I really appreciate your kind remarks! I'm allowing my faith to lead me to unchartered waters! :)

WOW Tamira!

This is Your First Blog!?!?!?!

It looks like the work of a "PRO!"...

Great Job!..

Indeed it is! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! :)

A really good blog! Congrats on the yearly premium.

Thanks so much! Upgrading to yearly premuim was a good move for me.

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