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Last Update: November 05, 2018

Should I blame my computer or myself?

I deleted my website with my memberships two or three times for the past year. I have always have issues with my Internet Connections. I would sit for hours at a time to get it going again and this went for a long time. I was blaming my sons for using up all the data lol!

I realised days later to check the connections again and found that my modem was broken. And after all these time, I now have no website...have left WA. I decided to join again and asked if I could get my website back and to no avail and so I cancelled my membership again. I did this because I had done a lot of work on my site and I didn't want to go through it all again.

I decided to join again a couple of weeks ago and asked a question if I could get my domain name back. An answer came back straight and said, you need to check your domain provider. I checked and typed in my domain name and there it was... still available!!! Got it registered again and transfered it back to WA and it was up and running.

Thank you WA community for your support and got me up and running again. All of your support is greatly appreciated!


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Vickic3 Premium
So glad everything is ok now and you are ready to grow grow grow this time Sila
All the best
silah77 Premium
Thank you Vicki.
Marley2016 Premium
So happy you were able to have things straightened out and
fixed must be such a relief.
Moving forward - here is to the greatest success here at WA :)
silah77 Premium
Thank you Marley.
x2double19 Premium
That's why some new people rank so high. Well I guess you learned your lesson about putting the blame off on someone else I have to I need to be 100% sure before blaming anyone. Never thought it would be a broken modem
silah77 Premium
i know. lesson learned!!