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December 11, 2018
Work has been affecting my progress here at WA for the last four years. By the way, I love my job so much and I couldn't exchange it for something else. You might be wondering what kind of job do I actually do? Well, my job is a Community Worker helping the elderly for the past 8 years. They encouraged me to continue living and doing the best I can to help them on a weekly basis.They make me laugh and everyday that I put a smile on their faces, it makes them happy.It brightens their day for s
November 05, 2018
Should I blame my computer or myself?I deleted my website with my memberships two or three times for the past year. I have always have issues with my Internet Connections. I would sit for hours at a time to get it going again and this went for a long time. I was blaming my sons for using up all the data lol! I realised days later to check the connections again and found that my modem was broken. And after all these time, I now have no website...have left WA. I decided to join again and as
March 04, 2017
Just offer a comment on a website and wondering if that will count toward my credits. I put the comments on the website itself but not on the right side of the comment box.
April 05, 2016
Is there anyway that I can get my old WordPress password back? I accidently pressed the reset button yesterday. I still want to use it though. Any help please.
March 03, 2016
Hi, I am having trouble with my Pages. Somehow it's duplicated twice on top of each other. Cannot figure out how that happened.I couldn't find any answer to fix it but if anyone who knows what it is then this is my site: http://yourbestweightlossplans.comBy the way, this only happened after I did my back up..Thanks
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April 30, 2015
Getting slightly behind with everything here. I couldn't do anything with my mobile or ipad, getting frustrated and finally I got myself a new computer today! I couldn't even retrieve my staff from my laptop and hoping the guys will get them back when fixed. I did copy them to my USB Flash Drive but when I checked it, there was nothing showing up with my WA staff!! I hope I don't lose them all and will be waiting patiently for the tech guys to let me know.I missed not working on my site here
Just checking my Adsense account today and found I earned $0.01 last Sunday and today Sunday another $0.02! Probably Sunday is my favourite earning day lol! This is kind of exciting but it is a good sign. I am actually smiling. Sila
A tweet received this morning. How to avoid startup failure. I haven't worked much on my site and everyday it was running in my small brain thinking what if I cannot continue doing this and what would be my next step to make an extra living? I would have no other options but to continue to be strong and keep working at it. We are not born for failure but to succeed in whatever the circumstances we face everyday, rising above our own expectations and seeing the end results at the end. My lov
March 02, 2015
An affiliate marketer guy whom I have known for a couple of years got hacked into one of his account this morning and robbed off some of his money. Kind of scary but yes, it is happening. Watch his short video here: Sila
February 28, 2015
Today I went to watch my son play footy (rugby league) trying out for a place in one of the local club competitions. After I finished watching him I decided to go to the local Supermarket to do a bit of shopping. It was my first time again to go to this local Supermarket where I used to live in this area a couple of years ago. It brings back the memories which I also brought up my children who also went to school in the area. Supermarkets I gain entrance to this beautiful Supermarket as