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Last Update: February 28, 2015

Today I went to watch my son play footy (rugby league) trying out for a place in one of the local club competitions. After I finished watching him I decided to go to the local Supermarket to do a bit of shopping.

It was my first time again to go to this local Supermarket where I used to live in this area a couple of years ago. It brings back the memories which I also brought up my children who also went to school in the area.


I gain entrance to this beautiful Supermarket as most supermarkets do, you go straight to the Fresh Produce area first which is a good thing to do instead of going to other aisles. It made me think once again how workers wake up early every morning seven days a week to clean and sort things out for the day.

They work so hard to get these fresh produces in for the consumers. And for our farmers who work the ground to grow them.. what a marvelous and hard work they do!!

Fresh Contents

For us here at WA I kind of think of creating fresh contents of a fresh produce analogy type market to give to the consumer. Consumers walks in to check if these fresh produces are really fresh so they can buy. Are we producing any fresh contents? I am not skill at writing here yet but I am learning every step of the way. Let us continue to create fresh contents to attract our customers.

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MaryBoyce01 Premium
Hi Silah. Yes, fresh content is key to keep your audience coming back for more. Whatever the farmers use to grow their produce I need some of that for my brain right now, so I can pump out more content for my site & blog. Happy writing.
silah77 Premium
Hi Mary, thank you for your comment. Keep working at it. All the best to you too.
JewelCarol Premium
Yes, Google also need fresh contents on our site, Sila. :)
silah77 Premium
Thanks nicebiz for your comment. yes google does which is our main area to focus on.
wendai Premium
Fresh and new, that's the way to go. Wendy.
silah77 Premium
Thanks Wendy for your comment.
ToneFleming Premium
Great analogy Silah! You are completely right, lets keep it fresh. :)
silah77 Premium
That's the way to go...thanks for your comment MountainGold!