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Not quite as represented by the cover image although that usually helps as the last resort. Before throwing toys, if you submitted feedback request for your website ages ago via the Site Feedback platform and never got any reviews (it happened to me), here is how you can recover your credits (in case you haven't already and no longer need responses):There is an "actions" button located on the right side next to your request, tap the drop down icon and cancel your request. As shown below:It migh
We Don't Value Them sometimes. Yet We Always Should.As I type this post "mask off", confessing to my shameful and most likely, costly ignorance. I think of Annelise Keating in the TV series finale “How to get away with murder”. The phrase “mask off” reminds me of her pleading speech before the jury. Except for, this post has nothing to do with the Series.For all, I know,One could be thousands of dollars richer by now.A few months ago, WAmily members got free access to th
I've heard that it's good to have a featured snippet on Google so Bravo! To myself and everyone who somehow made this possible. I don't know how, when, and how many I have. A Few minutes ago, I discovered one of my posts has it.DRUMS IN CELEBRATION THE EUROPEAN STYLE ALTHOUGH I'M NOT EUROPEANBUT LOOKDOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THOSE DIGITS MEAN? Especially the 0.55seconds, what it represents?
February 12, 2020
There must be something I'm doing right. Otherwise, Google wouldn't be so generous to my posts. What is it? You may askWell, let me think...Is it pumping content regularly? Nope, I wish I could. The introversion effect has its way of creeping in at my best mode of creating content. Although I try to suppress it by becoming social within the platform, I can't help it sometimes but often find myself back in my shell.So, what is it then?Kyle's training, Jay's webinars, WAmily blog posts, W...Wait!
December 21, 2019
I always thought we get email notifications when our content get ranked in search engines. Boy, I was wrong. I noticed some unfamiliar patterns in google analytics, you know, something to do with organic search statistics. It came as a surprise to me since I have less than ten posts on my website, so I decided to check site rank.Whoah! One can only imagine how I felt when I realised that 3 of my posts had ranked on Google.2 in position 3 - page 11 in place 8 - page 1#sprintinginslowmotionHapp
One of my old drillmasters used to say this to me every time he notices me lazying around as I become unproductive; "Stop hanging around like a bad smell and do something." Even to date, I still embrace his teachings, and for some reasons, today I remembered that specific statement. Does the statement have something to do with Wealthy Affiliate? Well, it made me zoom into WA, and I managed to identify some areas within this platform that can result in one being unproductive. And believe it or
Now I can sleep peacefully :)
I doubt many will deliberately let this Black Friday deal slip away. Whatever your circumstances may be, only you know what is holding you back. So don't feel pressured to do something you are unable to do. When you feel compelled, your mood changes and your performance get affected somehow. In our WA case, some may get discouraged and end up quitting. Do you feel pressured by these Black Friday posts within our platform?The bright side:Think of the things you would do when you miss the bus? Wo
October 29, 2019
The wealthy affiliate keyword search tool! It has a similar interface to Jaaxy's, but it is different.I cannot believe I was on the verge of a search quest for a keyword generator tool. Yet we have it right here.Perhaps my one year break from Wealthy Affiliate made me forget some lessons I had already done.If you were also wondering if WA has a keyword generator tool, then visit Phase 1 of Bootcamp training, lesson 2.Here is the direct link to the tool.