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How do I add black friday message to my landing page?

How do I add black friday message to my landing page?

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WA Affiliate Program

Is there a way to add the coupon message at the top of my landing page - the same way we have it here at WA?

Awesome - thanks Abie :)

Hey Sipheni,

The screen print below may offer you the help you seek.

If this doesn't provide you with what you are looking for, you could tweak the search phrase a bit to see if that might work.

Hope you find this helpful.

Excellent - it worked! Thank you :)
I found the Simple Banner, which does pretty much a decent job for a free plugin

That's a good question, but I have no idea how.

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How do I stop google from indexing website worth?

How do I stop google from indexing website worth?

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Search Engine Optimization

I find it very discouraging and embarrassing when the site is worth peanuts. There are sites like Stuffgate and Alexa that keep crawling sites, dishing out info relating to the

Hi Sie, some great comments by Hanneke, Dale feigner. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Yeah, Michael, I got it. Thank you :)

Hi Sie, you are very welcome

You can't prevent this from happening but in my experience it is. not something you immediately see unless you are looking for it yourself in all my years that I build a website and help people I always give advice do not immediately look at what your website is worth google needs time to index and to examining whether your website contains quality content or whether there is interaction, the age of your domain name is also worth something so yes this is discouraging but not something you should worry about in the beginning but that is my opinion

Thank you for sharing that. :)

You're welcome

You can't do that because those are external websites. That would be like somebody deciding to get Google to stop indexing your website, just because they didn't like your content (hopefully you can see why that should not be allowed, lol!).

Nobody really takes those things seriously though, don't worry about it :)

Also - you'll probably discover your site is worth a lot more:

Lol! That's comforting, thank you. Now I get it 🙂

Settings -> Reading
Check Discourage search engines from indexing
Save changes.

This step does not stop the search engines from indexing my content? 🤔

It says underneath there's no other I know of
It is up to search engines to honor this request.

Yeah, I saw that, and thanks. My question is, by checking that box, will I not stop the search engines from indexing my blog posts and pages instead?

yeah you will...and not a good idea if you want your content found by the search engines...
as Dale says above...don't worry about those sites...
when do you check the worth of a site before you read the article returned on page one for the query you just typed in...
just make sure you create very high quality content, that answers the query you are going for....
and your site will build slowly over time...
have fun

Awesome 🤘. Thank you, Phil.

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How do I stop the spiders from crawling my media library?

How do I stop the spiders from crawling my media library?

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Search Engine Optimization

Google is indexing some images from my wordpress media library. Is there a way I can stop this from happening?

I only want those images with alt text to link to the act

Hey Sipheni,

Here is an article to show you how you can stop internet spiders from crawling your media library: https://www.wpexplorer.com/exclude-wordpress-content-google/

Hope you find this helpful.

Brilliant! Thank you so much Trish🥰

Yes you can delete them to avoid clutter.

I would have if I didn't need them. They become clutter when they appear in areas they're not needed; like SERP in this case.

If you don't want some images you can delete them. I think it's ok for all the images to get indexed.

Found the solution from Trish. Thanks

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