Fear and Overwhelm can also inspire.

Last Update: April 03, 2018

There are times when I challenge myself and cannot live up to this ideal. I never thought I’d admit it, but despite my perfectionist attitude, there is fear of falling short and still not measuring up.

I will give it a go tomorrow, however I am going to be gradual and understand my setbacks, which at this stage are overwhelming me. Is it a journey?

Definitely! The good thing is these are the smallest mistakes that can happen. I can talk freely and express myself personally, on WA but it’s a different game out there.

So many members at WA are such excellent support and motivation. It would be a sin to waste their confidence in me.

Although i am at times significantly overwhelmed at my own set complications, and complexity by nature, I think that calls for taking it gradually and thinking over every word I write.

My purpose on WA is to write with method and learn. I will do it all slowly is my decision. It may not align with the concept of getting things done, but for me it might be my saving grace.

I am indeed an emotional person and I need to learn a thing or two about being tough and going for it fiercely. I know that and have always known that. There are times I really dislike myself, because I am not doing things as efficiently and require jolts of self directed pep talks and some occasions through outward expression.

I am very much an intro vert and feel that this constant state of emotional stimulation is the only factor in my personable talk.

Otherwise I view my writing in a very structured scientific way with complete detachment.

I wonder if anyone feels that way or I’m peculiar. Everyone has told me that even my own family.

It’s a constant battle to bring about my free personable communication vs detached communication. That means I need to be in a state of perpetual stimulation emotionally to bring it about? Sounds like a great experiment to try subjecting myself to.

I have always viewed my writing with sterility and purpose, yet to achieve that requires undivided attention to bring a unique and interesting view point. How is that done? Well by me, quite magically. I write well here quite touching. I disclose my deepest thoughts and communicate them.

Is that familiarity a driving factor in my personable style within WA but sterile and calculated structure in my website. The place where I need to be very ‘me’, I am not.

However, for a topic that is serious, I cannot bring about this element. That is what is taking me so much longer to accomplish. It’s almost like a double take and I need to constantly re read my content to see if I can see any errors or requirements.

The expression of overwhelm is blanking of the mind, despite being within the comfort of home to write. Thats the pitiable part. It should be the luxury to thrive in rather than struggle to stay awake.

Bringing a personal touch to a completely informative topic and where I need to consider the value I offer to my readers, impedes my mojo and threatens to wreak havoc on my abundant and creative ideas.

Take for example, the prospect of adding imagery or charts that require data entry into fields.Or the plugins to use and to go searching for them , that requires constant attention on a decisive plan of action.

Although, I write it all down in a devoted diary i struggle to fulfill my set criteria. I will take it slowly and simmer over it with deliberation and concentration which i am sorely lacking but need to kick myself up for. :)

I really need to pray I stay awake and fulfill my self set agenda gradually and persevearantly.

In the mean while i was able to do quite a cute set up for my toddler for Easter .

Something to feel good about until I accomplish my goals.

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MarkBa Premium
Challenges are always around and can be quite debilitating if if we allow them to be. I think finding ways to feel good despite what's happening is the key, as you did with your Easter preparation. We can always feel good about something in our past, present or future. :)

~Mark :)
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou Mark I did feel good doing the Easter prep. I know Halloween will be even more enticing to do. I love creative projects. This is no different however i do get be wildered at times . Tomorrow going to start gym because I’m becoming a lazy butt :)
Steven-A Premium
You are not alone. Check out my blog day 57
buffetearns Premium
You do actually sound quite normal and not peculiar in any way!

Excellent post by the way!

Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou Wayne this is why I simply adore all of you at WA . It’s very pacifying to feel encouraged.
buffetearns Premium
We should be supportive if we are here, sometimes people off the platform are not clear about what we are trying to achieve here?

Have a great day!

Shweta10mg Premium
Completely true about that one. The understanding from them is hard to gain, Thats why me being an introvert means i communicate here and I don’t freely express in person either, unless i feel i am inspiring anyone. Talking itself can bring fear to me.