An Extra Day Can Be Either Magical or Send Us Back to Square 1 SWAG Updates

Last Update: March 06, 2018

Whew, I have managed to write articles but not yet publish them, due to pedantic perfection or procrastination.

I created my Logo but the tying of loose ends and appearances are the second stage to actual content writing.

I must dedicate a heart felt thankyou to everyone who encouraged me from despair in the past month. Yes, not living up to our own internal critic can be that fine line of confidence and ability versus despair and lack of hope no matter how skilled or educated one is.

Too much knowledge can also hamper our optimistic mindset into believing all is woe.

Thankfully I have this extra day and even if I dont finish it, I’m sure to bundle the two tasks together and get it ready.

That is merging unfinished with newly assigned tasks and then feeling a grand satisfaction.

I will also wait for the new Microsoft surface studio 2 eagerly and make myself aim toward it. That is impetus to drive seriousness into any task that initially seems new to us.

I have only experience writing scientifically, but I am referencing actual Journals of American Marketing and literature. That is. How I was trained to think. If i cant believe my words why would others? I need to draw these comparisons appropriately.

However, in doing so it takes a longer time and one may feel defeated because we cannot envision the grand picture. Meaning, our work sits in edit mode and we are feeling here and there in direction for a new finance related topic.

But new is good, its why we are here at WA, to learn something new and practice that.

Although I write here with that personal touch, I think I should start that level of trust and friendliness with my ‘traffic’, my readers on my websites. That is something to work upon, rather than holding myself to such pedantic self imposed perfections.

One dimension to this perfectionism is escapism equally. We can get lost in that work and thereby we protect ourselves against ourselves. We think optimistically and act productively thereby fueling ‘mojo’ the elusive concept of self.

My day yesterday was equally fraught with personal issues, where upon taking my toddler to see his new paediatrician, I was met with some irritating news that my ex had canceled the appointment earlier that morning, and I was not informed till 3pm ! The appointment time.

So a good part of yesterday was spent in communicating and writing to lawyers and doctors lol 😆.

I feel certain about the doctors but not about the lawyers and for good reason.

Doctors act and Lawyers wait until they can help you, ie- when it becomes so litigative and where they can manipulate you against your best interests often and coercively always!

Anyway that is enough ‘Anger’ to fuel me....its days like this I wish i could practice witchcraft and cast a hex on my ex ! Such an entertaining avenue in the absence of answers and justice!

Let that be my motivation time is the hex and surely karma is too. I will wait patiently and do my work let the universe deliver due burden on those who cannot understand the basic premise of a child’s welfare and care over parent’s wishes!

Our wishes and rights are only correct when it is in alignment with good health, emotional wellbeing and welfare of a child. That is my opinion and my motivation this month . Not that it didn’t exist before it did but it aggravates me to complete tasks .

In saying so, I ask the universe not to give me any more fueled aggravation’s that might render me an official witch.

I do have a black Stauub Dutch oven, my crystal ware is black and so are my favorite L’objet plates in alchemy black !

It’s liberating yet can be very dangerous a practice itself.

It can be motivational and a guide but completely evolve us differently if it were practicised into the deep end.

That is true with motivation and discipline equally. It’s no different and for that reason I shall polish and refine my articles until i gain solace in doing my best work, and letting the universe deal with malicious intent from external sources, ie my ex who definitely deserves a hex!

Don’t worry I lack the equipment for that so I can just wish but wishes are powerful and actions much more so.

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LouisaB Premium
We are put through the test to see how we will deal with the given situation, whether good or not so good. So this all proves that you preservere and is indeed courages.
MarkBa Premium
We are far more powerful and capable than we realise until the demand is made on us. You are rising to the call. Kudos to you.

-Mark. :)
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou Mark the refining is the aspect of writing that actually is more time intensive for me. It’s something I need to improve upon constantly:) Thankyou for your encouragement always:)
Rich908 Premium
Your words flow like a little stream and then it becomes a large river. I bet you had no idea what you were capable of achieving until you were thrown into the deep end - and you survived. There is nothing more challenging than being stretched mentally

This shows courage and tenacity
Shweta10mg Premium
You are extremely kind and your words have inspired me. This is why I feel I can relate to members at WA . You guys are the best!!