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How my Workouts Have Moulded Me emotionally and overall.I have been absent well over a year and it shows with no check in and no involvement, that is to regret but many times life happens, though I never thought I would say that. I have however, managed to create a wealth of educational videos across many social media platforms, to be added to my website.These center around my integral philosophy dedicated in my website, to this philosophy I have treated myself as the hyp
This is a word of caution for most social media sites, such as instagram, facebook or where a chat function is possible.Please just stick to focusing on your work and not to be carried away, a small glance is okay but to be swayed away is danger lurking. The scams are endless especially so are the requests for donations to charities, buying itunes gift cards, asking or writing to the UN for so and so's leave so they can come home to be with extended family. If its tugging at your heart, you kno
Well If Last month was without its ups and downs, or unexpected distractions, some pleasant others tiresome, I wouldnt have been able to get back to task.I recently published my training available either on my profile or in classrooms and there is some more editing and glitches to address.However, for the most part its complete and is more a directional guide to getting the foundation concrete ( pun intended) for our creative diversions.I must say my diversions were a little not to do with writ
It has been a long time since I am present here, ofcourse I've been doing a multitude of writing tasks and being ultra crtical of myself.It is taking a long time these days as i get into the nitty gritty details and the whole galaxy of diversifications presents itself to me. Ofcourse the topics of affiliate marketing and for that matter, ecommerce is a vast ocean and to grasp it even for a beginner, which i can flaunt for this year alone after that im supposed to buck up and learn it for my goo
I will make this an ultra short post, and Im not sure if it complies with key word rich at this prime time of 12:39 am in San Francisco, California.However my word count was good but I know I need to tweak this and constantly modify articles.Thats the good thing the lack of permanence and the fluidity of this process, that you may always add and edit without worrying too much,Perhaps at this early stage its the easiest and I have been actively creating canva infographics and posts these days fo
This Month and before has overwhelmed me both personally and in terms of time available to do anything of substance. That I must admit, also it takes time to research and produce content of quality.I'm not efficient by any means, in fact I'm pedantic and I need to get a hold of myself and time to be dedicated. I'm here for a reason and that is to follow the quality guidance that Kyle and Carson, as well as other members offer here at Wealthy Affiliate.That being said, this week and a half was
All you need is FOCUS and A DESIRE to HIT PUBLISH it becomes ADDICTIVE.Easier said than done as cliched as it may sound, but over the past few days i feel a new lease on this dimension.Bulk researching and re watching Kyle’s videos have given me a re aligned view to approach my obstacles: laziness or confusion? Or both ?The result of that is procrastination and it can weigh us down heavily. So if i need to pinch myself, which is often I need to re educate myself like as if i was eternally
There are times when I challenge myself and cannot live up to this ideal. I never thought I’d admit it, but despite my perfectionist attitude, there is fear of falling short and still not measuring up. I will give it a go tomorrow, however I am going to be gradual and understand my setbacks, which at this stage are overwhelming me. Is it a journey? Definitely! The good thing is these are the smallest mistakes that can happen. I can talk freely and express myself personally, on WA but it&r
I have yet to publish the drafts of my google docs menu. Drafts sit awaiting their revisions, some yet in the works. I cannot say that I was once the ideal student I was. There are many times I feel lost and overwhelmed. We all come with ideals to learn correctly and practice what is taught. That may require hearing a soothing audiobook at night, to counsel our jangled nerves, to re attempt our deepest fears again, the next morning.With festivities such as Easter, your mind may wander a bit and
Whew, I have managed to write articles but not yet publish them, due to pedantic perfection or procrastination. I created my Logo but the tying of loose ends and appearances are the second stage to actual content writing.I must dedicate a heart felt thankyou to everyone who encouraged me from despair in the past month. Yes, not living up to our own internal critic can be that fine line of confidence and ability versus despair and lack of hope no matter how skilled or educated one is.Too much kn