Back to Business and Sometimes Back to Basics :) I don't mind I need it !

Last Update: August 09, 2018

Well If Last month was without its ups and downs, or unexpected distractions, some pleasant others tiresome, I wouldnt have been able to get back to task.

I recently published my training available either on my profile or in classrooms and there is some more editing and glitches to address.

However, for the most part its complete and is more a directional guide to getting the foundation concrete ( pun intended) for our creative diversions.

I must say my diversions were a little not to do with writing this past week but owing to what can i call it, italian dessert ? no really not the dessert though he is one !

Then came a wonderful lady a fellow life coach on instagram who was all praise for my writing style and read each and every article ( well there are only a handful, owing to distractions i shouldnt be tempted by) !

So in keeping with the otherwise good spirits and motivation, I will continue to do more and re center myself creatively.

I admit I havent been so active and after Reading Kyle's Blog on Perfectionism I must say that was a pivotal post for me ! it got me back to focus.

Often when a task is so grand and we have ideas but a loss of clarity, and a desire to do our best, the monster of 'it's not good enough' creeps in.

It did for me and then I decided let's publish the good bulk of the training, as it forms the first few steps of the project.

From there on it's highly customized and depends on a particulr niche and topic. So even if I did mention examples and screen shots, I think a few more tweaks are in order there.

For now,

Best wishes and may you all be the hardworkers that I can see you are! I have a lot of work on my hands and I just cross my fingers to push ahead and get it done

Warm regards and Hugs

shweta mg

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GauravGaur Premium
Hi Shweta, you made a valid point.

Sometimes, back to basics is the need of the moment.
You are so overwhelmed with the task at hands and get peace in the cozy hugs of basics which make negatives upside down.

So YES, why not start with the basics even if you are in the middle of your success. All the best.

Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
Shweta10mg Premium
yes many a times if i believe i haven't grasped the logic or process well i will subject myself back to stage 1 re learn it all.
I came into this with an open embrace to make mistakes and to not be my old self, that is resistant to change or sensitive to criticism.
I feel if i keep reminding myself of this then I can do it in the correct way.
lol hugs to you too . Do check out i did add the templates as jpeg

warm regards