Completed Course 1 in the Affiliate Bootcamp

Last Update: February 10, 2015

Today I have successfully completed all the ten lessons in Course 1 in the Affiliate Bootcamp. I have been able to create a good website, fill it will valuable meaninful content, get reviews, and my website is indexed by Google. The site feedback is so far good. In the 10 day break - I will be filling it will blog posts to add more content.

Currently, I am running some technical issues such as the Hyperlink button is not working (it is not popping up) and also the tag button is not working. I am looking for help - who can help me in resolving this issue.

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Marcus1978 Premium
I'm in a similar position. Just about to start Phase 2 today...
louiuzoh Premium
AzlanS Premium
Congrats man, what's your niche anyway?
shivaramswamy Premium