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I am super excited and motivated today. I got a thanking email from Kyle who congratulated me saying that I have entered into the Active Affiliate Status.I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 with high dreams and hopes. There was a huge learning curve I experienced. I couldn't even make a single sale during that time frame. Then I quit Wealthy Affiliate and tried other business opportunities.Something within my heart always dawned on me - NEVER GIVE UP. As I tried different business opportunities-
In this blog post, we will talk the different types of distractions that affect your success and what you can do to achive success.According to today’s market, the average success rate in a home-based business is only 3%. More than 97% people fail in the home-based business. There are several reasons why many people fail in the home-based business. However, all of them fall into four major categories. These are called the Demons of Defeat. The four major demons that affect our success are
In this project we will discuss about the different ways to avoid scams online.
Today I have successfully completed all the ten lessons in Course 1 in the Affiliate Bootcamp. I have been able to create a good website, fill it will valuable meaninful content, get reviews, and my website is indexed by Google. The site feedback is so far good. In the 10 day break - I will be filling it will blog posts to add more content. Currently, I am running some technical issues such as the Hyperlink button is not working (it is not popping up) and also the tag button is not working. I a