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Last Update: July 22, 2021

Hi everyone hope you are having a good day or night depending on where on the planet you are at the moment

Todays topic is


Are we really giving the Tutor at Wealthy Affiliate the credit and accolades they deserve?

Are we really thankful for the expert and professional service we get here at wealthy affiliate free of cost?

Well in today's topic we are going to


Lets start off by saying , yes , they all deserve it ,all of the Tutor here are playing a vital part in the building and growing of our online business to unlimited income

Fisrt up

General Kyle and General Carson , a massive thanks and a big Salute to both of you for putting together a wonderful platform loaded with multi-national and multi-cultural members

Next up

The ambassador , they all have something to offer where every single member can learn something new ,after all , every day there is new development in the online world

Live class

Wealthy affiliate have some of the best live class Tutor on the web , all of them teach their own method that they used to generate income online along with the latest trend and development going on in the online business

So let's salute them all , yea they all deserve their credit

With the quality of Tutor along with all the tools available here at wealthy affiliate , members all have the luxury of

LEARNING FROM THE BEST set of affiliate marketers and online entrepreneur on the web

Lets salute them , yes they deserve it

Thanks for reading this post my Wealthy Affiliate family , now get involved , you can like ,share and comment on this post

Remember it's a WIN WIN action whenever you get involved in the discussion


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DivineGood Premium
It is such a heartwarming blogpost
right here, right now and I am just
extremely grateful for all your kind
thoughts and your kindness.

There are so many here who had
made and still making a huge and
significant impact on WA members
and they do really need to be valued
and appreciated.

My deepest gratitude to all the kind
and beautiful tutors, coaches and
leaders here in WA.

Life here is not the same without your
constant caring and continued true

Thank you for your faithfulness and
your sincere guidance to all of us
here. You are all much needed here
at WA.

God bless you all continuously.

Jessiefido Premium Plus
A huge salute for all those mentioned Hentley, and an enormous one for you for the acknowledgement my friend!

Have a fantastic start to the weekend!:-)
Thanks Jessie , you are a wonderful Tutor yourself , always do good blog and is very supportive and motivational with your comment
Nice one Jessie
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Much appreciated Hentley!

I try my best to support others as much as I can, but I am not so sure that my blogs here add much value!

Take care my friend!:-)
Suzay Premium Plus
Hentley is very smart, and has the most awesome, big, include every body heart!
So honored to learn more and more about you.

(((Kindness in action is the test for real love.
If an action is not kind, for sure then, it is Not Loving.)))

Hentley, can be firm, but has Not A Mean Bone In His Nature.

Many people in life have much to learn from you, Hentley, your Shine must have come down from the Father of Lights is all I can say in amazement!

Wonderful comment Suzay , I am happy you like the post , the Tutor here are very good , so we have to give them their dues
For me that respect , in the form of a salute
Nice one Suzay
CherryRed20 Premium
Great post, Shine!

I salute you.

Thanks my sister , is that mean am a TUTOR