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Last Update: February 21, 2019

How I Got This Far

Okay, so I’ve reached Lesson 4.7 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training and this is task no.1 - my progress report so far. Wealthy Affiliate, for me, proves that there are good ways to make money online. I haven’t yet made any money, so how do I know this?

Well, I’ve been trying to succeed in one form of internet marketing or other since the early days of dial-up internet on PCs with a fraction of the capacity of a tiny microSD card these days. I’ve tried, all under the spell of shiny objects bought from self-styled gurus, content website affiliate marketing, Google Ads affiliate marketing (in the days when you could put the actual affiliate link in the ad), eBay physical products marketing, email marketing, drop-shipping using eBay, drop-shipping using Facebook ads and YouTube affiliate marketing. I did have some sales in some of these schemes but never enough to even get close to covering my costs.


In 2017 I was going to give up when a Google search unintentionally threw up a comprehensive free course that holds your hand from choosing your niche right up to getting your Wordpress blog running with its first content. Believe me, I went through all of sign-up blurb with the finest toothed comb I could find before deciding there wasn’t the hint of a scam or an upsell. So I signed up and over the next three or four months carefully made my way through the course.

I managed to get a website set up in the smartphone accessories niche. I came to the last lesson in the course. This lesson was about how to gain the further education and training, plus the community help that I would need to develop my website further to the point where it started earning money and beyond. This lesson recommended signing up for Wealthy Affiliate, which I duly did in November 2017 at the free level to assess whether it was for me and whether it would be worth upgrading to premium membership.


Then it all started going wrong for me. I was thinking that I had chosen the wrong niche as I was running out of keywords and I was running out of ideas of what to write about. At the same time something else happened. For those of you that know me, you know that I do most of my writing whilst monitoring the CCTV cameras of the quiet security post that I work in. I used to take my Mac in with me to work on but, all of a sudden due to an incident caused by another guard, the residents’ committee banned computers, laptops and multimedia devices from the gatehouse.

My online world was collapsing around me. I decided that I needed to take a month off all online things to gather my thoughts. Then I took another month off and then another. My domain renewal lapsed. My accessories website died. I was wasting my time aimlessly surfing the internet during my hours at work. Finally, in November 2018, I managed to gather my thoughts. It was time for me to come back, only this time I was determined to succeed no matter what.

More Thoughtful Decisions This Time

I went over the free website building course again. At the picking a niche stage I was stuck. I didn’t want to again pick one where my writing would dry up. I filled up an A4 sheet with four columns of niche ideas but as I tried to narrow the list down, there wasn’t one that I felt I could write more than 100 blog posts about.

Then, in a moment of inspiration, I saw the answer quite literally staring me in the face. Charlie and Bruno, my two dogs. I could do a blog about shih tzu! Before choosing my domain name I did some keyword research to make sure there were enough topics to write about. Enough? - there were hundreds of them! There was also the added bonus that if I was stuck for images to put in my post I had two willing models that I could photograph to produce my own images.

All the lights were green, so I bought my domain and my hosting in the Black Friday sale. I then set up my website, I came to the last lesson in the course again and was reminded of Wealthy Affiliate. This time I had no hesitation upgrading to Premium as my finances had improved enough and I knew it was the only way I was going to progress with my project. It was definitely one of the best decisions that I have made in my sixty years on this planet.

I have given you my make money online CV simply to give you my track record. Although I didn’t gain financially I did gain a lot of experience. Experience that gives me the power to spot a scam now straight away and the power to resist the lure of the shiny object. Experience that also gives me the power to know that the whole Wealthy Affiliate project is a magnificent business model and the power to know that I will be earning an income when my first website has matured in due course.

Where I’m At

I am now up to 18 quality posts ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 words. That’s an average of six posts per month, but I am improving my technique and I think I can now write ten posts per month without skimping on quality.

I am only in one affiliate scheme at present for which I have received nine click throughs but no sales as yet. My next step is to start reviewing Amazon products but I want to integrate these reviews with my newly set up YouTube channel.

I have a product ready to shoot a video for but my main obstacle is finding the time and the place to shoot a video without interruptions. Favourite at the moment is my balcony now that the extra hours of daylight are coming. It would have to be when my wife is babysitting so that I don’t pick up the TV and the washing machine on spin. There are also several locations in Gibraltar where I could take the dogs and film.

In the last two weeks I have also integrated my site with social media which has definitely brought more visitors to my blog. I have built a Facebook page and opened Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Next up, I’ll be signing up for Instagram.

I’m quite confident, which is something I’ve never been before in this business, that once I have a few reviews integrated with YouTube and social media that the commissions will start coming in.

Whilst all this has been going on I’ve just noticed my lowest ever rank of 88. I don’t know how this has happened, I haven’t set out to be in the hundreds, let alone below 100. I don’t really want to get any lower, not yet anyway. I wouldn’t relish Ambassador status until I’ve gained more experience, particularly on the technical side and with Bootcamp.

Where I’m Going

I can see into the future and I see another year of filling my blog with more quality posts and reviews, bringing in more and more visitors and gaining domain authority to get me consistently on page one of Google. At this stage I would hope to have at least enough commissions coming in to cover the cost of running the website.

At this point, assuming I’ve finished OEC training, it’s off to Bootcamp for me. I feel there is the potential here to earn some real money, perhaps enough to enable me to finally terminate my employment and tell my boss in great detail where his business model is going wrong.

A Few Last Words (Hooray!)

For the Wealthy Affiliate members reading this, I thank you for doing so. I also thank you for your support in the three months I have been a Premium member, your help with my problems, your training tips, your own stories which I love reading and for just being there. It is you that makes Wealthy Affiliate what it is and not just another make-money-online scheme.

If there is anyone who has stumbled on this post through a Google search or any other way and is not a Wealthy Affiliate member, why aren’t you? You’re missing out on the best internet marketing training there is. You can sign up for free to assess this wonderful community and you get the option to build two free websites and access the first stages of the training. You also have limited contact with the people in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Bear in mind though, that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take months of hard work and dedication on your part to start earning any money online. This IS NOT a shiny object promising to make you ridiculous amounts of money in a ridiculously short time for a ridiculously high sign up fee. This IS a proven business model that works

The only upsell is if you want Premium membership which gives you full access to the training and the community, plus the option to build up to 25 websites at no extra cost apart from buying your domains. You can choose from yearly, half-yearly or if, like me, you can’t manage that, there is the very affordable monthly membership. As I say, initial sign up is free, so go on and give it a try!

Well, that’s quite enough babbling from me. Thank you for reading and bye for now.

Bruno and Steve, aka Shih Tzu Steve.

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EandS2018 Premium
Awesome ,awesome and good for you, keep going and please keep us updated.
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Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

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Hi Steve. This was an interesting read.

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Aww thank you Steve and Bruno :) love it, that you did not quit ;)