Energy Is Positive Power, Really?

Last Update: March 19, 2014

I found some new research on the connections between what we think and the world around u s--physical connections, quantum physics kind. I'm not an ace at calculus, knew just enough to get by, and quantum is way beyond me although I can understand some of the ideas, sometimes. What I do know is that our thoughts are energy--our thoughts to move muscles can be directly stimulated through nerves and sensors in the right places. I saw some of it done on paralyzed people years ago when I warked i the hospitals. so theory aside, it is real--what we think creates energy. What we see, what we hear, how we move--everything physically impacts us and we return the favor.

So, on my site I'm going to get up something positive, evey other day. Today I have these ideas "Know the Power of You" and "You + Ideas + Action = Powerful Energy = Success" Which one do you like better and why? And, thanks.

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KatieMac Premium
I usually have lots of idea's then I have to see what I am putting into action, enjoyed your post this branch of maths is beyond me