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March 22, 2016
After being away for quite some time I am very happy to be back! I've sort of kept WA and everyone here in the back of my mind as I've been busy with other things. Part of my work involves dealing with racism in the Native American sports teams' identities--heavy topic, lots of intensity and emotions from all sides. Did you know that here in Massachusetts we have 40 schools using Native American racist team identities/mascots? Sad in the 21st century. Sadder still when people are killing innoce
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I found some new research on the connections between what we think and the world around u s--physical connections, quantum physics kind. I'm not an ace at calculus, knew just enough to get by, and quantum is way beyond me although I can understand some of the ideas, sometimes. What I do know is that our thoughts are energy--our thoughts to move muscles can be directly stimulated through nerves and sensors in the right places. I saw some of it done on paralyzed people years ago when I warked i t
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January 10, 2014
Today some nasty unemployment figures came out, including those focusing on older folks(over 40 is now older!) and long term unemployed. I'm definitely over 40--happily and thankfully healthily so--and happily self-employed. I thought though of one thing when I heard the doom and gloom from the commentators: opportunity. So many of those folks who are negative statistics to some really do have talents and even time and so long as they have self discipline and determination, well, Wealthy Affili
After writing blogs and comments for some time, doing some ghost writing here and elsewhere online I am thrilled to e front and center with Wealthy affiliates. I have looked around the internet, tried to learn SEO on my own, been concerned about security and scams and now FINALLY! I've found others who are and who take care of this, not for me but with me. How great is this? The classes are well designed and amazingly inclusive. It will take me time to get through them, of course but persistenc