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It's never easy to keep up with Google and the constant changes they make to their search engine algorithms, but do you think it's possible that the BIG G just doesn't like some people no matter what they do?Now this is just a theory, but let's say you've built a few websites over the years, and let's say that maybe Google didn't like one of them for some reason. I don't mean anything bad or black hat, but maybe the G just didn't like something about it.Now, when you create new websites and add
February 28, 2019
As of 28th March, the Fetch As Google tool will be gone. The new tool Search Console refers you to doesn't seem to have any fetch capabilities or index requesting.
Being in the MMO niche and reviewing many scams over the years, I find this post amusing. It's not a serious post, but satire, and perfectly sums up how all the online money making scams out there work.It's written by Neville from the Kopywriting Kourse website and well worth a read...
This is actually a question and not a blog, but I can't include the image I want to include in a question.In Google Search Console my website has a lot of structured data errors. For anyone who knows about this stuff, what do these errors mean and is it anything important? All I know is it is apparently some theme issue.Will these errors affect how my site performs as well as SEO?Cheers.
There's little doubt that affiliate marketing has its ups and downs, peaks and troughs, when it comes to traffic and generating income. The training here at Wealthy Affiliate definitely sets us all on the right track, but it's not an exact science.Sometimes you write a post that you're really proud of. It's a good length, is targeting keywords that get searches, but with little competition, you've chosen some cool images and done all the right things. But nothing happens. It doesn't rank as you
June 13, 2017
If you can be the reason others find inspiration, then success will naturally follow you wherever you go....To your success!
As we are all involved in affiliate marketing here in one form or another, I thought it might be interesting to briefly delve into a little history of the affiliate marketing concept. Don't quote me on all the facts being 100% spot on, as there did seem to be some points of contention in the research.Anyway, let's begin.Affiliate Marketing Isn't Strictly Limited To the Online WorldMost of us associate affiliate marketing with the internet age, and it's true that the internet has really flung th
Is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners only, or can it benefit more seasoned marketers?It's true that Wealthy Affiliate offers the perfect platform to get people started in online and affiliate marketing, and many people who join up are first joining because they have little to no experience in this field.However, I sometimes feel that those who come across WA - those who are not complete beginners - may feel that joining up is a waste of their time; that they will not learn anything new.From an ou
In this post we'll cover 5 ways to think more positive and get what you want. Primarily I'm thinking of attracting more money and abundance here, but these points can really be applied to anything in life that you want to improve.#1 - AffirmationsWe hear about these everywhere these days, particularly in the world of the law of attraction. But are affirmations some mumbo jumbo waste of time, or do they have a real and tangible benefit?Positive affirmations of any description are designed to tra
As of statistics posted early in 2017, mobile eCommerce has become a trillion dollar industry. More people than ever are now doing their shopping online via mobile devices such as:SmartphoneTabletLaptops and desktop computer will always have their place for various form of computer activity, but more and more people are finding mobile devices to be the most convenient way to source out products they want to buy (whether locally or overseas), and make purchases.Handheld tech gadgets have long be