What to do when you are feeling down, having doubts, and unsupported?

Last Update: March 20, 2019

Lately, I feel a little down given that I lack support from family on my journey for online business with niche related website I built with Wealthy Affiliate. That especially with my husband. But I can understand why they would feel that way. As a new member of WA since January, I have not had results from daily work on my website. I know it would take 5-6 months to show some results, but it's getting difficult to feel abit more motivated when you're own love one believe that the business is not going to work. The only reason I'm trying this online business is so that I can work from home while building out new family. But since I have failed or gaveup on so many business gigs in the past (teaching lessons, etsy and ebay business, making drop shipping online business, stock marketing) I can understand why my family thinks that my online business with the help of WA won't work.

I'm not giving up. At least not for a year. I want to see what results I can get after 6 months of working every day on my website. I want to show my family that this time it will work because I'm loving the work I'm doing with it so far. It's really fun to blog about the things I'm very interested in. I probably would have more success if promoting WA, but I don't have interest in doing that (or at least not for now I'm not). However, I still have doubts. What if my website isn't good enough? Maybe I'm not doing things right. Plus I haven't heard anyone's success story of a niche related website they have built. Most of the success I heard are from people who are promoting WA. I need to read real success stories of people who built a website revolving their niche of interest.

I won't give up. But it's just so hard to stay motivated without the people closest to me giving me support.

What's your story? Are you guys went through the same issue? If you have a success story with website(s) relating to a niche not promoting WA, share it! We all need to read a good story of success to stay motivated.

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midhunvm Premium
Hi Shelly,

If your husband thinks that this business doesn't
work, what else he is telling you to do?

If he is not asking you to put your time into other
things, why you should give up your niche site?

Whether you work on your niche website or
not, time will pass-6 months, an year..2 years.

2 years is an ideal time frame to build a full-time
niche site, if you work at it consistently.

Think about your life in the past 2 years, it has
passed away quickly without you even realizing.

In that period you haven't accomplished much, other
than trying out different businesses-etsy,ebay,DS,stock..

Compared to that you are doing something different
now-you are building your niche site and sticking with it.

The coming 2 years will pass by quickly like the last few.
Do you want to end up exactly where you are now after
2 years or do you want to have a successful niche site
making you full-time income?

If you want a full-time income niche site, stick with WA
no matter what and cross the 2-year mark with a smile
on your face.

NewLaurie Premium
Hi Shelly,

I just wanted to pop in and say hi!

I'm one of those people who isn't promoting WA, and I'm having good success with my website. I'm doing well with Clickbank, Pepperjam, and Amazon affiliate programs.

There are many ways to achieve success here.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Debs66 Premium
when I first started out my family was the same. They didn't really believe I could make something from what I was doing. As an example if I was writing an article or studying they always interrupted me. That used to get me down.

Now if I am working and they interrupt me all I have to say is,

"I am writing" they know now to back off so they should lol my work pays for all the extras I couldn't have ever given them before.

A few people tell me my post is motivational you could have a read if you like. Just go to my profile. :) Remember hard work pays off in the end. One option I never considered when I started was failure.

That was not an option at all. I have had continued success. Not one of us really know what direction we will take. Wealthy Affiliate is so diverse that we can build any online business we want.

Wishing you all the best sweetie.

Also my businesses stem mainly in Local marketing. I do promote W.A. aswell. Local Marketing is my biggest money maker at the moment. :)

Debs :)
ShellyKh Premium
Thank you so much for your response Debs66. I read some of your blogs and they really motivate me. Just a few questions though. At the beginning when you started in WA, how many hours per week you put in towards your website to get to where you are today? How many hours per week do you do now?
Debs66 Premium
Starting out as many as I could. They were random hours from 4 to 8 hrs some days. Now it's my full time business.

Some times 8 to 16 hours a day. I keep my weekends free and do not use the internet rarely. Only to catch up with emails etc.

I still spend a lot of time inside W.A. helping when I can it keeps my mind fresh. That way I stay in the loop of things too. I would do 24 hours if I could. Obviously I have to sleep.

I am lucky as my children are 17 and 20 so they can sort themselves out now. Although I still am a wife and mother at home. I do the cooking and cleaning etc. All the stuff we do as Moms and wifes.:)

I always find now though an hour seems like 5 minutes to me, before I even realise it I have worked 4 hours. If I am doing reviews I spend a good few days researching sometimes a week. Then I write the article that is nearly a full days work for me.

In my Local business side. As I run the sites for them they tend to pass the buck and I end up doing research for them. I don't mind but it is time consuming. I cant really put myself to a strict time limit, every day is different. I do take time out when I want to because I am my own boss which is a great feeling.

Hope that helps. The key to success is just keep writing as much as you can keep building that website out.

I think it was Shaunna who said this in one of her replies to my lates post. Shaunna aka @Showolf. Wrote.

"Build it and they will come"

Shaunna had the perfect answer. It's true.

Have a fabulous week.
Debs :)
ShellyKh Premium
Thank you so much. God bless you that you found WA that helps you and now helping many others like me who needs knowledge and encouragement. I feel better now and working harder than ever. I’ll keep pushing the 4 hours/day I have to work on my website. But now I’m thinking about building another website relating to children’s toys. Do you think it is a good idea to open another website when I still have my first website that is only 2 months old? Or should I wait a few months when my first website have enough content before making the second website? Right now my website only has 22 articles. Im sharing my site just to show you www.pressurecookingworld.com
Debs66 Premium
Hand on my heart one site is enough to be honest. It becomes hard work running two. I have to run quite a few so my own personal one suffers. That is really up to you and how you feel you could cope with two. I would aim for at least 50 posts on your site and see how it goes from there. Remember you always need to keep adding articles. As these are blogging sites not Websites.

I hope that helps. :)
Debs66 Premium
Your site is looking very good. You can grow on that Niche too. I would just take your time and see how you go.

I have to admit anything to do with children is always a good business to be in and there are always new toys etc coming out.

Then you have the times like Christmas toy selling is at it's heights then. Even daily. See how you go only you know what you can handle. Its extra work though. Try it out and see if you can manage two sites. I like being diverse so I don't get bored lol.

Wishing you all the best. :)
DaveAsprey Premium
I know how you feel. Lack of support from family can be a real bummer.
If you want this to work, you can't put a time frame on it. Just pure dedication, persistence and belief will get you there.
Ive heard of members here not making any money for the first year or so, but because they pushed hard with a positive mind set they made massive successes in time
Find yourself a mentor here at WA. Someone that's started with nothing and made it happen. Reach out to guys like Roope, Robert Allen, littlemumma etc. they would only be to happy to point you in the right direction.
Don't rely on success stories here at WA to give you the motivation you need. It's a waste of time because everyone here knows that there's a tonne of people that have made it, despite massive obstacles
Use your time to build out your niche and whole heartily believe in it and yourself.
Your at the right place to make this happen, but it's up to you. Don't give up is my advice.
Hope you have a great day