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I didn't know why but I stopped blogging or write any content for my now 3 month old website. I just didn't feel interested in it anymore writing new content about electric pressure cookers and I couldn't understand why. I have been working about 20-30hrs a week writing none stop for the first two months since I started this marketing journey with WA this January. Then all a sudden, I couldn't write a few sentences the entire month! I didn't understand why I procrastinated quite suddenly until
Lately, I feel a little down given that I lack support from family on my journey for online business with niche related website I built with Wealthy Affiliate. That especially with my husband. But I can understand why they would feel that way. As a new member of WA since January, I have not had results from daily work on my website. I know it would take 5-6 months to show some results, but it's getting difficult to feel abit more motivated when you're own love one believe that the business is n
March 01, 2019
Just about a day after my first sale, I received another sale plus a bunch of accessories for the product were sold (probably from the same customer). I wasn't expecting any sales until 3-4 months after joining WA, but I guess it really helps that there were big sales on popular products that I blogged about. This shows that hard work and persistance will pay off!
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February 28, 2019
Wow going through level 4 training is a breeze. But I guess it helps that I already completed the tasks almost every day. I'm not very social in social media, but hopefully that will change a little bit. On to level 5!
February 25, 2019
Today I just learned I had my first sale. I posted a blog that is more like a news of electric pressure cookers that are on sale this week on amazon. I think it also helps that I requested many comments through SiteComment (about 20 requests) with the credits that I stored up which lead 100 users to view my post. But I'm just so thankful that my blog does help people making the right choices for healther cooking and save money from the sale and their future cooking.I know one sale isn't much bu
February 14, 2019
Such a great feeling to complete level 3. Now I have a website with some content. On to level 4!
January 22, 2019
Completed lesson 2 of OEC. On to lesson 3! Still pumped and motivated to learn all I can, and work all I can with the help of WA. I'm really enjoying this so hope this will last.
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January 20, 2019
Just read my email today. My first website has finally been indexed by Google. I'm about 80% done in level 2 affiliate. I joined WA on January 8 so it's only been 2 weeks. Want to learn as much as I can and put in my work as much as I can in hopes I can make at least 20k in one year. It's a bit farfetch but I really want to prove my husband wrong that I'm laser focused on marketing with affiliate programs. I just hope that I chose the right niche (everything about electric pressure cooker or In
January 15, 2019
Took me all day but I finally made my first content post for my food recipe website. The very first recipe! I'm super excited about it and feel so relieved how easy to set up with the help of the training and suggestions provided by the WA community. And it already looks good on the mobile version (well to me it does). Basically I put a lot of information with all the essential keywords with great tips and good spot to put my affiliate sites. I'm feeling very good about this and I have a good f
January 13, 2019
Just completed the level 1 training courses and I am very motivated. So I decided to go premium for at least a month and see how it is. Just hope that this is not another dream that short lived. In the past, I tried Merch by Amazon, Etsy and other businesses online to get a steady income but they didn't give me the results I had hoped after how much I worked on them. If I can work on 20-30 hours a week and get good results in 2 months, I'll definitly put in my all to do 45-50 hours a week to ac