Why Is FETCH AS Google doing this 'Redirected' message with my posts?

Last Update: Dec 16, 2017


Can someone give me an idea or advice on what I am doing incorrectly with FETCH AS Google feature. As you can see in image, it used to fetch as correctly and gave me a tick and Complete result but now it is giving me some type of Redirected message. (And as you can see I tried several times to no avail!)

I am doing exactly as Jay instructed to do. Fetch and state not a robot, submit just this url etc.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to fix it?

Thanks for checking it out and I appreciate your feedback

Cheers, Sharon

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The web treats www.yourwebsite.com as a subdomain of yourwebsite.com. That means it is looked upon as a different instance. You need to tell Google which one you prefer to use (in Webmaster Tools or whatever it's called these days). For instance, if your preference is www.yourwebsite.com and you submit as yourwebsite.com, it will redirect to www.yourwebsite.com and vice versa. The concept is known as canonical form (the math and computer science definition, not the religious!)
Hope this helps,

To expand, whatever form you do prefer, you can set up what's known as a 301 redirect on your server (ask your host company) to redirect the non-preferred version to the preferred.

Thanks for your comments!

Hi Sharon, I do not have a direct answer to this issue as this is new to me, but I can add 2 things to this:

1) Dom posted on not using this feature recently: 2) Even if you do not use the fetch or Dom's option, your pages/posts will still get ranked naturally. I typically let this happen for my content so i don't have to use the fetch option all the time.

I did see that post of Doms so may just use that. I wont stress, as like you say, they do will rank naturally as I do them..
Thanks for your suggestions Vitaliy.

Now you have an SSL certificate you'll need to add the httpS version of your website to search console and do your fetches as the httpS version instead of http.

Hi Marion,
Thanks for answering.
I did as you said - verified the https: site and tried 2 posts but still giving me the same Redirect message.
Not sure what is going on!

Go to http://getlinkinfo.com/ and find out where the links are being redirect to. Then you should be able to Fetch using the resulting link instead of whatever you're using at the moment.

Best wishes with your fetch errors Sharon!

Thanks Mike, there is always a solution!

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