I Am So Over This. Really Disappointed

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That statement pretty much reflects how my year with Wealthy Affiliate has been. And not because of WA but because of what I have done with my business here. These guys have supplied every tool possible for me to create my own lucrative business. But my effort - or lack there of - has been poor to say the least.

And I am over it. I am over not putting in the time and effort to build my online business. It is time to set realistic goals, and back it up with an actionable plan to get to my goals...and to do it every day!

1 Blog Post

I thought I had written 1 - yes you read that right - 1 blog post this year on my site but I hadn't even done that, I had updated 1 !

That is pretty crap really.

Yes, I have been in here at WA to chat with a few, have read through many of the blog posts shared, and I have always been there to support my referrals - that is a must in business. But for my own website I have done literally nothing. Nada....

Over a year or so ago, I did have a huge hurdle that pretty much blew the winds out of my sails...sales...

I did pick it up for a while, but then I lost my drive.

And guess what happened anyway?

I Still Got Paid

For all the 150 blog posts written before my big hiccup - the posts I wrote day in, day out, just following the WA lessons, I have managed to make $1306 US dollars this year alone, which converts to nearly $2k in Aussie dollars.

And as I said earlier, I have done virtually nothing on my site this year.

It just goes to show how websites and affiliate marketing can pay you ongoing, just from getting content out online. The more the better and it can pay you for years to come.

I just love it! And it is the reason why I wont give this away, I know it works and I know your reward reflects your efforts. Yes, it can take time to come around, just stick with it and you will see.

So this - my WA friends - is an accountability post. And to be true to my word I have...

Just Gone Yearly Again!

I know building a business takes time. If you are here for a month or even six months "to try" to see if it works then you are kidding yourself. Businesses take time to build whether online or off.

The absolute beauty of this WA program is you wont go broke building it... whether it takes you a few months or years. And the reason I have taken up the yearly membership again, (you're welcome V.)

My biggest audacious goal is to get to Vegas. I have wanted to do this for a while now however, no way has my work ethic got me anywhere near going, and that is my doing.

So now I must (no shoulds) I must do regular posting, and remain consistent with it - plus other things to assist me in sharing this platform here at WA, (my site is in the online home business niche).

So no more fluffing around and NO more excuses.

I am in the best position to get rolling for next years Vegas trip (for 2021). My website is established, its just a matter of me getting back to regular posting.

So what am I waiting for?

And what are you waiting for...

Are you committed to your business, you know it will take time and taking up the Yearly Membership too?

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Very inspirational for a newbie like myself. It gives me the courage to proceed with this decision and work harder to learn the basics about building a website.

And the best part is that I experienced the fact that you are never alone when you get stuck. Don't be shy to ask you get the answer.

Love the WA family

Hi Catherina
Yes just keep working at it and like you say, help is always here. It really is a great place to be!
All the best with your journey here.

that's the spirit and drive you have to have in order to be successful with yourself .... I am guilty also because before wealthy affiliate I was involved with other people and programs that paint a beautiful picture with lots of drive and promises then come to find out it's all about their own pocket lining and this has taken the wind out of my sail many times in the last year and a half .... But now that I have come across WA I feel like I'm on a plush speed boat racing toward success and stardom so keep the faith and good luck to your future success.

That is why many of us fully review other programs on our websites because they are full of empty promises. I cannot believe how many do it and get away with it. And it is such a shame as it can and does give the internet marketing world a bad name.

After everything I have been through and done online, I cannot believe it took me nearly 10 years to stumble across Wealthy Affiliate. ohhh... the money and time lost prior to here but I guess they become lessons I learn from.

You are very blessed to have found this place as there is nothing like it online, and I can guarantee you, none of the leadership that run those other programs or mlms, will be as interactive like these guys are here with you - pretty much daily. It just doesn't happen.

All the best on your endeavours,
Cheers, Sharon

Hey, great post! At least you're honest with yourself and admit you could have done more. And that's awesome you already wrote 150 posts before; you can do it again!

My first year in WA was also quite unproductive; health issues and stuff, I just couldn't find the energy to maintain my website. But now I'm writing blog posts regularly; maybe not as much as ideal, but still at least 1-2 posts a week.

We can do this!

Hoping that we can reach our goal here. And I appreciate any recommendations you can share for us to build a good niche site today.

Yes, that should be a goal right there - another 150 posts!

That is good you are consistently writing posts, just keep on keeping on! Thanks for your thoughts Kristi!

Very encouraging post to the disheartened thinking that they will never make it. I know different that if a person keeps plodding at making their affiliate marketing a success they will eventually reap the rewards.
I am not a success yet, only been with WA as a premium member for 2 months, but I sure will be.
Determination and commitment. Thats what it takes.

I totally agree with you that in order for us to succeed, we need to face any diffuculties in affiliate marketing.

Yip you just keep going Adrian, it is determination and commitment and it was absolutely what I had the first year I was here. I am getting that back now though, I just know I am. All the best

Thanks for the very honest sharing. Don't beat yourself up about what's past. It's great that you are forward-looking, you sound all revved up for another year ahead, and a productive one at that!

It's amazing, isn't it, how our early efforts can build a sustainable income down the road.

All the success to you! You will make it to Vegas!

HI Joo,
Sometimes we need to reflect, beat ourselves a little, and learn from it and move forward. I think I just got stuck!

Yes the sustainable income is great and here for everyone if they just follow the lessons and keep going, never giving up.

Thanks and I will make it to Vegas I just know it.
Cheers, Sharon

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