What is My Life Like, Now

Last Update: November 08, 2015

When I joined WA my life was sitting at home alone, with nothing to do. Now, oh my goodness. I am rarely home, when I am, I am on the computer trying to catch up on the things I need to do for WA. I have started rehab classes again, started riding again, joined the 40 Something Cowgirls, that keep me busy almost 24/7. It is great, I don't have time to worry about what I can't do I am too busy doing things I love to do. I highly recommend this as an alternative to "Feeling Sorry For Yourself" Well if you are in the situation I described in my first sentence then chances are, weather or not you want to admit it or not you are in this rut that I described and you hate everything around you. Only you can fix this problem. You can do it. If you drive then get out there and find things to do. Everyone of us have or at one time had a dream of something we wanted to do, otherwise known as a dream. What ever that dream was you can still do it if you really want to bad enough.

Use every means at your disposal to get in as good physical shape as possible. Then get on the computer and type in you dream, I bet you can find some way to be involved in that (what ever). You may need to modify your dream to helping others to achieve the dream.

What ever the dream, you may be surprised the enjoyment you would get from watching a youngster achieve that dream that you helped her with. Teaching can be a very rewarding thing.

Every time I get home from being out doing something, like riding, or a meeting, or whatever. I stop and think about the pain pills, THAT I DID NOT TAKE, guess what? I didn't take them, because I did not need them. It is so exciting It can be done and you can do it. You can do almost anything you want to do, if you just try, maybe not as good or as pretty but you can do it just the same and you will inspire those watching you, which will help you to continue to do great things.



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blubutterfly Premium
Very Inspirational post Sharon!!!! Thank You :)
SamiWilliams Premium
mijareze Premium
So very true!
SharonAllen1 Premium
Oh yes
LolaAJ1 Premium
Thank you for this inspiring writing.
Bless you.
SharonAllen1 Premium
Thank you for commenting I hope if a personal problem that it helps you, please feel free to contact me.
CathyS Premium
Love this and am so happy to hear from you! God Bless!
SharonAllen1 Premium
Well thank you and so glad to hear from you.